Sunday, September 7, 2014

Permanent Marker Dyeing... 12 Days Remain!!!

Well, I finally finished the permanent marker dyed bag from yesterday... From everything I have read, it says that the alcohol should dry in around 20 minutes... but it took almost 4 hours for mine to dry, lol.

I think a big part of it is that I did not have a spray bottle anywhere at home... so I decided to just squirt the alcohol onto the drawstring bag and hope for the best... 

Let me go ahead and warn you... gloves should probably be worn while working with the alcohol... as well as possibly covering the counter before starting.

It will dye your hands... and it takes a while to get it off, lol.

So, once you have your bag (shirt, shoes, etc.) colored... spray the alcohol onto the bag and watch the colors spread around... 

Side 1

Side 2

Make sure that where ever you are setting the bag up to dry, that you do not care if it gets ruined... lay it on cardboard, or newspaper, or an old cooler lid, lol.

After the 20 minutes (or 4 hours) for the alcohol to completely dry... you will want to toss the bag into the dryer on the highest setting for 15 minutes... this is going to "set" the dye... 

Once the dyes have set... from here on out, you will want to wash the bag on cold in the washer and then you can pop it in the dryer like before.

Side 1 - Washed and Dried

Side 2 - Washed and Dried

I have a feeling that the colors faded so much because I used so much alcohol... so I definitely think that investing in a spray bottle is a must... and you can get a cheap one from the Dollar Tree... 


I actually like the result... I would have loved it to be a little darker... but also if I would have done the diagonal lines on both sides... but it was a test... and it worked :)

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