Thursday, February 27, 2014

Part 3 - Alafia River Rendezvous 2014

Sorry it took me so long to get this done... I keep running into little snags in life...

As promised... Carol Leigh from Hill Creek Fiber Studio attended the Rendezvous... I was searching for her this year and couldn't find her... I finally asked a lady who looked like she had a crocheted piece in her bag... and she helped me get over there... 

Carol's booth was "turned" this year... so it was almost like you had to go down an "alley" to get to the entrance, and since I had the kids and Aaron this year, I completely over looked it.

I'm just happy that I found her... Aaron actually didn't complain, lol... he sat outside the tent with the boys and let me look around. Of course it wasn't as long as I would have liked, but when the kids start acting up, there is only so much you can do... so mommy had to hurry :)

Here is the set up... I think its much bigger than what it was last year :)

The first tent was just looms... its like paradise...

Different wheels set up for display

Look at all those books...

The bags are natural dyes... different sizes of knitty noddys on the table... and also some spindles - You can see the hubby with Dylan sitting just outside the tent, lol.

Lovely baskets... FULL of FIBER!!!

Miss Carol is sitting in the background in the plaid... I don't remember he name, but the lady in the black shirt was who helped me... she was super nice and extra helpful :)

I had to save this pic for last... I just love all the shuttles lined up like that... it makes me want to hang the photo over my bed...

I ended up purchasing another spindle... the same one I bought from her last year, lol... I just couldn't help myself. I also got a 1 yard mini knitty noddy... it is amazing

Here is the spindle with a sample batt from Luthvarian Fiber Arts... The whorl is Osage Orange :)

The Rendezvous was pretty awesome this year... and I honestly can not wait til next year... If you want to learn more about Carol Leigh or her Studio... visit her website:

Until next time :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Part 2 - Alafia River Rendezvous 2014

So, like I said before... there was music when we first walked in... well, once you got to the back and started looping your way around, we found a stage :)

I am usually not a huge fan of live music... I know I am probably the only one on the planet, lol... but let me tell you, this stuff was amazing... we even let the kids out of their strollers, because they wanted to dance.

The musicians had only ever met and practiced together 6 times... and this was their first time playing together as a band in public... their vibe with each other was incredible... it was like they had been playing together for years.

Of course, I have no idea who they are or anything... but dang were they impressive :)

After we listened to the music for a little bit, we decided to wonder through more of the tented area... and to try and wear out the boys, lol.

And there it was... a stage coach... Aaron and I were both blown away at the condition...

Look at that... a stage coach :)

And there was a lot of food... just people getting their dinner ready for when all the patrons leave... see, this was the re-enactors last night staying in the "compound"... so they were going all out...

Yes sir... those are huge slabs of ribs over a camp fire...

At the same camp site, just around the corner, they had a whole turkey... at least 22 lbs... over another fire :)

I couldn't for the life of me decide on what I wanted to eat... but we found some Elk Chili... I was pretty nervous, but it was delicious... of course I didn't get a picture... but I did get a picture of dessert, lol...

Its a Raspberry Cheesecake with Fudge Fry Pie... Along with some Sarsaparilla Root Beer...

I decided to wait until we got home to eat my pie... I was so happy that I did, it was so tasty... then of course I wished for another... but luckily I was already home and couldn't get another, lol.

The sign for the Fry Pies

The lady who ran the Pie stand had the cutest daughter... I am drawing a blank on her name (I'm thinking it was Cassie)... but talk about adorable... She was around 3 or 4 and came over to play with the boys... they all three ran around like crazy, chasing each other... and when it was time to go, the boys were so sad to say goodbye... She gave them both a kiss and tons of hugs...

They live in Wisconsin, so would be heading back home soon.

Part 3 of the Rendezvous will be for all you fiber-y people... I don't know if you know, but Carol Leigh always has a booth out there... and of course I stopped, talked and got some of her lovelies :) See you later...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Part 1 - Alafia River Rendezvous 2014

The last few weeks I have been home dealing with sick little boys... so its been a while since I posted... 

Some of you may know about the Alafia River Rendezvous that takes place in Homeland, FL each year in January... well, we decided to take the kids as a family this year... and let me tell you, I had an amazing time :)

I'm not sure how Aaron felt about the whole thing, but I know the boys enjoyed their time... they even met a little girl, lol.

Since as always, I took a ton of pictures... here is the beginning of them...

Live Music when you first walk in... the boys were jamming out in their strollers :)

Once you get in the giant fence... there is so much to look at and little "roads" everywhere, so its just a matter of picking which direction you want to go... and start walking, lol.

We decided to head to the left and start in the encampment... this is where all the settlers are living for two weeks... they stay in little white tents or tipi's...

Loved this set up... and of course the guard turtle, lol.

Close up of the guard turtle...

The weather was perfect when we got there... then the clouds started rolling in... just a few sprinkles though... then it got chilly... by the end of the day, it was hot though... but, that's just crazy Florida weather :)

Doesn't this just make you smile... its so peaceful

Notice the Boy Scouts??? The Scouts come out and can camp just outside the fence, then they get free admission for volunteering their time :)

I loved all the painted tipi's

We had a great time... and this is just the beginning... more to come :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Florida Sheep and Wool Festival 2014

I found out yesterday that I am officially going to be vending at the Florida Sheep and Wool Festival in April :)

I have been in contact with the coordinator Doug for a few months now and finally got my paperwork in the mail yesterday... but he went ahead and marked me as being a vendor this year...

The festival is April 25th, 26th, and 27th... with tons to do!!!

Here is the web page if you want to see all the amazing things that will be going on that weekend:

Some of the activities include knitting, crocheting, spinning, and so much more... It is mainly based around the 4-H and FFA members... which I personally think is wonderful.

I remember showing pigs and rabbits in FFA growing up and wish that every child/teen had that experience.

They do spinning "competitions" among the kids, categorized by age... also fleece judging contests... It is just going to be a good time for all.

Here is what Doug from the Florida Meat Sheep Aliance wrote on Facebook last night:

"The Florida Sheep, Wool, and Herding Dog Festival is only 3 months away. We have some great workshops scheduled for the event. This Open Show event is sure to draw people from all over the Southeast. Especially since we have had some crazy weather. 

Some of the workshops include: Club Lambs and Sheep Showmanship Workshop with Steve Edwards; Dog Herding Workshop and Trials, FAMACHA Certification; Beginning Shepherding - Common Health Problems and How to Treat, Hoof Trimming, Feeding; Protecting Your Sheep - Predator Information, Fencing - Electric & Traditional; Breeding & Market Lamb Selection - Conformation, Size, Thriveability; Lambing 101 Video and Discussion - Weaning, Drying up ewes/hard udder, docking, castration, orphan lambs; and many more. 

We have some great vendors coming this year. Sparr Building and Farm Supply, Rudd's Show Supply, Moore Honey, Caney Branch Farm with Iceland Sheep/Wool. EwePhoricFibers, Shady Hill Rug Hooking, Twin Mommy Creations, and “The Woolery”.

The 1912 Restored Sheep Wagon will be on display as well. FreshFromFlorida Lamb will be available as well as cooked lamb meals/dinners.

Join the fun with the “Lamb Jam” cook-off event. Sheep shows and Dog Herding Trials as well as Blue Grass Music, and other events.

Camping is only $30.00/night and there are several hotels in the Ocala Area.

Tell all your friends. Workshop Registration opens February 10, 2014."

Over the next few months, I will be posting about the progress and creations that will be brought along to the festival... if you plan on attending and have something you want to see... PLEASE let me know :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spinning a Rainbow... Part 2

As I said yesterday, I went ahead and Navajo/Chain Plied the "Peaceful Rainbow" Yarn... basically it is a way of creating a 3-ply yarn using just one bobbin of spun yarn... you are using your hand to make a chain, like in crochet, at the same time you are spinning... it seems a lot harder than it is, as long as you are coordinated... The first time I tried, I ended up with a huge tangled mess, and I was pretty pissed for about a week :)

The resulting yarn is self striping... Since the rolags were separated in rainbow colors, and I spin each one in the same order, the yarn will stripe in that order... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple...

The Yarn on the Kromski Knitty Noddy

And I just love this pic... I sort of want to have it framed... Just because it looks like there is a story behind it, but there could be so many different outcomes...

And of course the YARN...

I ended up with 180 yards of Sport Weight, 3-ply self striping yarn :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Spinning a Rainbow... Part 1

A while ago, I created some "Peaceful Rainbow" rolags for spinning... it was actually the day that the Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples were entitled to federal benefits... 

I had them listed in my Etsy store for a while... but since no one bought them, I figured what the heck, I should spin them :)

They were created with some of the first fibers I dyed in my kitchen... Border Leicester, Corriedale, Rambouillet, Columbia, Mohair, and Firestar...

"Peaceful Rainbow" Rolags

"Ingredients", lol

Just a fun close up shot :)

I started to spin them on my Louet s20... it is such an awesome wheel... only one speed, but the decorations make it so much fun to work with :)

Spinning Away

Three Rolags Down

I was about half way done here

I was sort of surprised with my self at how the rolags were spinning... I have only ever really spun my own "product" on a spindle... but these were pretty much a dream to spin...

Tomorrow, I should have pics of the finished yarn... I have decided to Navajo or Chain ply it... so it will be a self striping yarn :)

I absolutely love this picture, so I thought I would leave you with it til tomorrow :)