Thursday, January 29, 2015

Randomness Yarn - Content Details

Yesterday, I mentioned that all the fiber that was spun into the reason "Randomness" yarn was from Phat Fiber Samples... well, as promised I have the details on the fiber... 

If you have never heard of Phat Fiber, it is a monthly box of samples from all over the world... small dyers and farmers send in samples that match a theme each month and those samples are divided out to create sample boxes... to learn more, visit:

I have quite a few Phat Fiber boxes stacked on a shelf... and mom was asking me what I will ever do with them... so I just had to prove to her that I will do something, lol... I randomly grabbed samples from boxes and put them into a bucket... not the entire samples was spun, but chunks of each sample were spun into the yarn that can be found here:

The samples are as follows:
1. Washed Kid Mohair Locks from Winston at Catawampus Farms
2. "Home Glamour" by All for Love of Yarn - Alpaca, Silk, Polwarth, BFL, and Bamboo
3. "Storm Warning" by Spinner's Candy - Merino, Yak, and Silk

4. "Kirin" by Shadawyn Fiber Arts - BFL
5. "Holly Golightly" by Luthvarian Fiber Arts - Merino, Tencel, and Silk
6. Luxury Fiber from Hilltop Cloud - BFL, Cashmere, and Silk

7. "Pink Lemonade" by Porpoise Fur - Texel
8. "Yellow Rose of Texas" by Kitty Mine Crafts - Falkland Merino and Rose Fiber
9. "White Water Canyon" by Mama Jude's - Plant dyed Merino, Domestic, BFL, Silk, Alpaca, Romney, and Jacob
10. "Twilight in the Old Pueblo" by Porpoise Fur - Shetland

11. "Electric Azalea" by Juja Bees - Merino
12. "Desert Succulents" by Juja Bees - Merino
13. "Painted Pony" by Debbie's Handspun - CVM x, Targhee, and Tencel

14. "Woodstock" by Susses Spindehjrne - Shetland, Trilobal Nylon, and Black Bamboo
15. "Drama Queen" by The Wooly Witch - Merino, Angelina, Bamboo, Firestar, and Star Bright
16. "The North Atlantic" by Willow Fairy Wool - Merino, Kid Mohair, and Silk

17. "Prickly Pear" by Spotted Circus - Alpaca, Bamboo, Milk, and Sparkly
18. Columbia Wool Roving from Natch Woolie

As you can see... there are a "ton" of different fibers... but the outcome was gorgeous.

Since I didn't use up all the samples... only about 1/3 of them... I have decided to start another yarn with the same samples... but this time, rather than pulling off bits from each sample... I took the sample and pulled them all apart... mixed them up in a box and am spinning away... Lets see what happens, lol :)

Surprise :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Random Yarn...

After finishing the last "Leftover" yarn... I immediately decided that I would make another... but this time, it would not be from the scraps of batts and rolags... this time, it would be from Phat Fiber samples...

I have a list of all the samples that were used... but wouldn't you know, I don't have it with me... so I am just going to share the process of making the next random yarn :)

This skein was different samples, of different fiber mixes... that were randomly grabbed from the basket...

This was at the beginning of the spin...

Of course, I completely forgot to take a picture of the spindle full of fiber... but I did get the plying pics :)

Andean Ply... still on my hand

Around the wrist


Ready to wash...

This yarn was actually purchased before it was ever taken off the spindle... and I cant wait to see what the new owner will create with it...

125 yards of Randomness... I should have a list of what it consists of and who's samples were used tomorrow :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Leftovers Revealed :)

Remember the post from last week of the "scrap" type yarn I was spinning...

Well, I finally finished spinning all the fiber in the bucket last night... 

Yarn filled Trindle

Close Up of the Single

Of course I just had to Andean Ply it... It actually took me almost 20 minutes to get all the yarn off the spindle and onto my wrist, lol :)

Was running out of room on my finger

Look at the plying bracelet"

Plying didn't really take all that long... about an hour... but once you start, you really can't stop, lol.

Switched out the Arms for the heavier hearts

And Done :)

Close Up

The yarn ended up being just over 100 yards... pretty much a worsted/bulky weight... and a mix of tons of different fibers... Merino, BFL, Alpaca, Mohair, Soffsilk™, Pulled Silk, Nylon, Angelina, Firestar, Corriedale, Llama, Cormo, etc...

Cant wait to start the next one :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Logs...

Started a new "Box of Logs" last night... These are a blend of Superwash BFL, Nylon, and Soffsilk™... A Teal, Magenta, Lighter Pink, and Neon Green... with some Orange/Yellow Soffsilk™

They are beyond soft... and oh so pretty :)

What do you think???

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spinning the Extra!

Yesterday I shared the Alpaca and Nylon "Box of Logs" that were made for a friend... Well, there is always a little bit of fiber left on the blending board at the end... I call it the "scrap" fiber... because I just don't feel like it is "pretty" enough to sell... So, it goes into a box and I spin it... 

This particular "scrap" is being spun by itself, because I just felt like it should be :)

These were the logs...

This is the "scrap" fiber

The fiber is still perfectly fine to spin... it is just in a "cloud" form and has no order to it, lol.

Resin Spindle with Flowers in it

The Yarn being spun

As you can see, the yarn is spinning up fairly thin... and I'm thinking there will actually be quite a bit when I'm done... Not sure of my guess yet... but I'm going with at least 100 yards :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Custom Logs...

Recently I have been asked to make a custom "Box of Logs"... and I absolutely love it! Another friend wanted some alpaca blended with nylon to make some socks for her son... she said to blend it the easiest way... but I felt that the blend would be "better" if I made logs... so logs she got, lol.

The first order was for orange and purple... she did not care what types of fibers... so I dyed different colors of purple and orange... Superwash BFL, Nylon, and Soffsilk™

Coming off the board

Half Full - Look at that Soffsilk™ shine :)

Tonight this "Box of Logs" will be complete... and on their way to Texas tomorrow :)

The other sets were delivered this morning... They are unbelievable soft... The alpaca was locally grown in Lake Wales, FL on a small farm, and processed through a co-op... all the alpaca has to be under 25 micron, or it gets rejected. I am currently spinning the "scraps" from making the logs... and talk about heaven.

I sure hope that she loves spinning this fiber as much as I do... and that her son loves his socks :)

2 Boxes - 7.1 ounces total... Alpaca with Dyed Firestar

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Secret Surprise!

I have been trying to decide what to make for a special someone... and last night, I finally sat down and started working on it... 

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in "crafting", that I block out everything else around... last night was no different... the boys were so tired when we got home from work, they both went right to bed... I was cooking dinner for when Aaron got home... and decided that I should start warping the loom while I was cooking (not my brightest idea, lol)... I almost burned dinner :)

I really wanted to finish the piece this morning, but that didn't happen... so my special "person" will just receive their surprise next week :)

Green and Brown Scarf

Close Up

It will end up being a pretty long, green and brown scarf in alternating colors... I can't wait to finish it... and hopefully they will like it :)