Friday, January 13, 2017

Spin This Box - January 2017

The Spin This Box - January 2017 is now available for purchase!

Are you wondering what in the heck the Spin This Box even is? Hopefully I can help, lol. The Spin This Box is a collection of fibers from different indie dyers from around the world! 

Each month, one of the artists will pick a photograph for inspiration... with that inspiration in mind, each artist will then dye their fibers and create either roving, top, batts, or rolags for that theme. No two artists ever end up looking the same either! 

There are a limited number of the boxes available each month... so if you are interested, make sure at snag yours right away!

January 2017 - Winter at Bryce Canyon!!!

What comes in the January box!

Winter at Bryce Canyon
AlohaBlu - Organic Polwarth - 2oz
Fistful of Fiber - Panda - 2 oz
What the Flock! Hand Dyed - 70/30 18mic Merino/Mulberry Silk - 2oz
Spun Sugar Yarns - SW Merino/Nylon - 2oz
Twin Mommy Creations - Cheviot/Romney/Nylon/Sari Silk/Angelina - 2oz
The Wooly Witch Luxury Rolags - Merino/Seacell - 1.5oz
A Sheep in the Woods - Wood Burned Button
Fiber Felt n More - 3 Dryer Balls

Total = 11.5 ounces of Fiber!


Gorgeous fibers from amazing fiber artists :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016 Florida Sheep and Wool Festival!!!

Tomorrow is the start of the 2016 Florida Sheep and Wool Festival!!! 

Twin Mommy Creations will once again be vending at the festival... and this year, we will be in the screen room... so hopefully it wont be quite as hot as it was last year, lol.

Ive been slacking on posting updates about what has been going on... but hopefully this will hold you over until next time :) 

Rainbow Pot Locks... using the Redding Method

More Redding Method Dyed Locks

"Color Change Rainbow" Yarns!!!

"Color Change Rainbow" Hat... this is a finished hat made by Sharran Fish!!!

Braids of South American Wool... This stuff is soooo soft... similar to Merino :)

I hope that some of you will get the chance to come see me... Ill be there Friday 9am-close and Saturday 9am-close.

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FTWG Conference Starts Tomorrow!!!

The Florida Tropical Weaver's Guild's Annual Conference begins tomorrow afternoon... Thursday, March 17th and runs through Sunday, March 20th. 

The Conference is held at the Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, located at 39034 County Road 452, Leesburg, FL 34788

There will be classes going on throughout the days... as well as vendors on site for all your fiber needs :)

After talking with one of the coordinators last year, she told me that I should consider teaching this year... so that is exactly what is happening, lol... I will be teaching five classes!

And of course, the Twin Mommy Creations booth will also be open... thankfully, Mara, was willing to come help me again this year... so she will be running the booth most of the time. 

Some sneak peeks at what will be available this weekend :)

#Redding Method dyed yarns

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to the Natalie Redding seminar in Brooksville, FL... I can not even begin to tell you how much she taught me... but one of them was her Redding Method of dyeing... "The Rainbow Pot"... above are my attempts at repeating what I had been taught... but on yarn! They are not perfect... but they did turn out pretty dang amazing :)

3 ounce Art Batt

Art Yarn - spun from a "Random Mix of Awesomeness" Batt

"Color Change" Yarns

If you are in Central, Florida... or really anywhere close... I would highly recommend making the trip to the FTWG Conference this year... great atmosphere, gorgeous scenery... and of course all the fiber fluff you could ever want :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Present from Dilly :)

I turned 30 on Valentine's Day... my son, Dylan, got a loom for Christmas... he said that he wanted to make coasters for people for next Christmas... so I set up the loom and let him get to work.

Dylan is four years old... same as his brother, lol... but Dylan has always wanted to be involved while mommy is crafting... doesn't matter if its treadling the spinning wheel or passing the shuttle through the loom. So, on Black Friday, Target had the Melissa & Doug tapestry loom on sale... I of course had to get it for him :)

When my birthday came around, he walked into my office and handed me this...

Nana helped him with the packaging... but he signed his name.. and the XO :) 

My Coaster

Dylan decided the I should receive his first coaster :)

Coaster in Use

I have it on my desk at work.. and couldn't be prouder of him... I absolutely love it... and I love that Dylan has the "crafty" gene :)

Friday, February 19, 2016

February Spinning Box Sample - "It's My Party"

Wow, am I every far behind with writing posts... Sorry for being such a slacker and not keeping everyone in the loop about what has been going on in my life... I swear I keep forgetting everything, lol!

Well, the February Spinning Boxes have been arriving in people's mailboxes... so I figured I needed to show you what I sent it this month :)

The February theme was "Hot Stuff"... but since I turned 30 on Valentine's Day, I decided to go with "It's My Party"... with a mix of purples, pinks, and white!

These batts contain: Domestic, Cheviot, Mohair, Lincoln Locks, Bamboo, Pulled Sari Silk, and Angelina

"It's My Party" - 1 ounce Batts

1 ounce batt and resulting yarn

The yarn that resulted from the batt actually surprised me... generally I'm not too into pinks and purples... but I was actually very surprised with how much I enjoyed spinning the fiber, and how much I loved the yarn! The little bits of white and darker pinks/purples really draw me in :)

"It's My Party"

These batts are currently available through my Etsy shop:

If you need anything, please feel free to contact me :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Orlando Distaff Day 2016

This Satuday the 9th, is the Annual Orlando Distaff Day!!! 

Place: Whirl and Twirl - 6949 Venture Circle, Orlando, FL 32807
Time: 10am to 3pm

Distaff Day Flyer

This is a very low key event, no pressure, and a very fun time! Basically you bring a project to work on, and come hang out... There are several vendors to purchase supplies from, we will be set up again this year :)

Most people bring a dish or snacks to bring something to share!

Ive been working on a bunch of new things to bring along... but we all know that Ill still be rushing at the end, lol.

"Box of Logs"

And Another "Box of Logs" :)

Hope some of you all can make it out... I would love to see you!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Are you ready for Christmas???

I know we all have those last minute Christmas gifts... whether they still need to be purchased... or you are like me, and are still knitting away, lol.

Of course, being the "genius" that I am, I decided yesterday that I needed another Christmas gift... so I frantically searched Ravelry until I could find a pattern that wouldn't take me forever to knit... and I passed out with needles in hand last night :)

Last minute Christmas gift :)

As you can see, I'm really not very far at all... but I have hope that I will get it finished in time!

The UPS man just dropped off a package... and wouldn't you know, its like Christmas for me... I had ordered a sheep shirt from Ravelry last week... they had a spelling mishap, so the shirts were super cheap... and of course I just had to buy one, lol. They sold out really quickly, so I had to get a size smaller than usual.

Its a little tight, but I do not care... it is amazing!!!

How awesome is this???

Here's to hoping that everyone has a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!!! and I will be sending good vibes that all those last minute Christmas gifts get finished :)