Thursday, December 18, 2014

A New Wheel... A New Yarn...

A couple weeks ago, I saw an ad on Facebook for a used Ashford Joy 1... It was a great price... so I messaged to seller... and wouldn't you know that I was the first person to contact her (the listing had only been active for 4 minutes, lol).

After talking with her for a bit, I went ahead and took the plunge... and I couldn't be happier :)

I even took it out at work and gave it a "test spin" before heading home for the day... this picture is under my desk at work, lol.

Ashford Joy 1

Before I show you the new yarn that was spun... I have to share the dried yarn from yesterday... Surprise Batt #2 Yarn - Approximately 60 yards - Worsted/Bulky Weight - 2-Ply

I freaking love it

All Skeined

Now, onto the new yarn from off the Joy... These rolags are some that never sold online, so rather than re-listing them, I decided that one day I would spin them... and yesterday was the day.

"Skate Park" Rolags

*A bit of Angelina

The Single

Navajo/Chain Ply... so its a 3-Ply... Between Fingering/Sport Weight

On the Knitty Knoddy


I actually washed this one last night and had it hang to dry over night... but it was still a bit yet this morning... so hopefully tonight I will measure and photograph it.

I have only spun a little on the Ashford Joy 1... but I love how smoothly it "runs"... I cant wait to get my Kiwi put together now... especially since I have been putting it off for two years now :(

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Each Day is an Adventure!

Each day when I get up, I want to spin... and each day when I get home from work, I want to spin... It makes me feel so lazy... I should really be doing the dishes or folding laundry... but I just don't want to, lol.

So, I have just been happily spinning...

The yarn from yesterday's post ( is dry... 

60 yards of 2-Ply Thick/Thin Yarn... with tons of different "ingredients" :)

Look at all the colors!

In the Skein

Its roughly 8-9 WPI

Now that I'm spinning all this "extra" fiber that is laying around... I feel like I'm constantly on a scavenger hunt to see what my next fiber to spin will be...

It happens to be a Twin Mommy Creations Batt that I never listed online... and it has been sitting in the package on the kitchen table for about 8 months now...

It's called a "Surprise Inside", because the colors change and are not the same as the outside

Surprise Inside Batt #2

The Single - see the green???

And since the batt was pretty small (weight wise)... and I let the fiber do what it wanted... I didn't want to even attempt a N-Ply... so Andean Plying it was again...

Plying Bracelet



This one might be my new favorite... the mixed up colors are awesome... This skein got "washed" this morning... so if everything goes well, you will get to see it tomorrow :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spinning Away...

The spinning continues... I am trying to spin a little each day... it is amazing how much it helps to relieve stress :)

The yarn from yesterday is dry... 140 yards - Sport/Worsted - SW Merino and Nylon

"It's Game Time"

This might end up being a hat

The next batt is one that I made over a year ago... and it never sold on Etsy... so I figured that it should be spun :)

*BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) Locks
*BL (Border Leicester) Superwash Roving
*Corriedale Roving
*Lincoln Roving
*Merino Superwash Roving
*Mohair Roving
*Sari Silk
*and Yarn Pieces

"It's a Bug's World"

The Single

I decided that since it was a thick/thin yarn, that I should make it a 2-ply... so Andean Ply it is...

Hand Tied Up, lol



Soap Wash

I'm thinking that the skein should be dry by the morning (since its cooling off here, things are taking a little while longer to dry, lol)...

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Weekend in Memory of a Dear Friend

Last Friday, December 12th, I learned that I dear friend of mine had passed away... Mrs. Margaret Bair was the reason that I learned how to spin... she was a member of the Fiber Guild here and also ran the Bobbin Lace group... 

About three years ago, I was at a downtown "fair" type of thing with the boys (and family)... in the library was the Fiber Guild set up doing some demonstrations, and I remember this smiley woman spinning away on her wheel... and at that moment, I decided that I had to learn how to do it. That woman was Margaret... Although I learned to spin from YouTube and other tutorials, Margaret was always there when I had a question or needed help with anything.

I joined the bobbin lace group that met at her house once a month... and I would spend a Sunday afternoon in her dining room creating beautiful lace... There are so many things that I will remember and cherish that she taught me. 

About two months ago, I brought the boys over to see her, because her health had been going down hill... and we spent the evening talking and watching the boys play with her cat's toys... They loved seeing her as much as she loved seeing them... 

Margaret was 94 years old and passed away peacefully on her own terms... and so this weekend, I was going to spin in memory of her... my mentor, whether she knew it or not.

The dried yarn from last week... 135 yards of 3-ply (N-Ply)... I would say it is a sport/worsted weight


Went ahead and started on another batt from Joe Cole at "What the Flock"... and I will say that I liked this one so much more... but its because of the colors... they are almost Green Bay Packers colors, but with some blue.

The Batt - 2 ounces of SW Merino/Nylon

I decided that his one needed to be spun in a gradient as well... and it was definitely the right choice!

All Spun Up

Navajo/Chain Plied

All Skeined Up... See what I mean about almost Packers colors?

Before Washing

In the soap bath... No bleeding :)

Fresh from the wash... now hanging to dry.

The skein should be dry when I get home... hopefully... and the memory of Margaret will continue to thrive in me :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Yearning to Spin...

I will be honest and say that it has probably close to three months since I have spun on a wheel... I have playing slightly with a drop spindle here and there... but haven't really finished anything.

Yesterday morning... something told me that I needed to spin... my wheels all "live" at the foot of my bed... so its not like I don't see them everyday... just never feel like I have the time... So before getting the boys ready for preschool, I brought the Fricke out to the living room and started spinning.

I had bought a few batts from Joe Cole at "What the Flock" about three months back... started spinning one of the batts, and that is what was still on the wheel... so that is where I began :)

2 ounce Batt of Superwash Merino and Nylon - It reminds me of a Batman Character, lol.

This is Joe's Picture of the Batt... because I completely forgot to take one of my own

I decided that I wanted to try and make a yarn that would change colors like they do in the batt... I was semi-successful with that plan... although things are blended, so they will never be 100% separated... 

The Single Yarn

The N-Ply (Chain Ply) Yarn

Skeined Up

Ready to be Washed...

The yarn was really not as dark as the pictures look... one of the perks of using a phone camera... things never turn out how they really look... 

The "Wash"

There was a lot of color in the water... sometimes this is because of a bad dye job... but I do not feel like that is the case with this fiber at all... The colors are exactly the same as they were when the yarn went into the water... so it leads me to believe that the fiber had absorbed as much dye as it could... and this was just a little extra that needed to come off. Plus I'm sure there was dust from that three month "resting" period, lol.

Final Rinse to Remove the Soap

This yarn is currently hanging in my living room drying... I can not wait to get home and see if it is dry... I have no idea what my plans are with it... but I'm sure something will happen, lol. 

There are two more batts waiting to be spun from "What the Flock"... and the wheels are already turning to see how they turn out.

As soon as the yarn is dry, I will be back to share the pictures with you...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Its Been a While :(

Hello :) 

I haven't written anything in quite a while... and I feel terrible about that... I honestly do not even have an excuse as to why... just that I keep forgetting to post, or just don't have anything to talk about.

The boys had a wonderful Halloween... they wanted to be a lion and a tiger... which is almost impossible to find in a local store... and since we are in the south, there was nothing that would not overheat them... so with Mommy and Nana's minds... this is what we came up with:

Happy Halloween - 2014

I really haven't been doing too much, creative wise... My cousin asked for hats for her boys, so I have started to work on them... 4 hats :)

And working on cleaning out my "stash" room... which is just full of yarn and really needs to be organized. I made great strides this weekend with it, but there is still soooo much left to be done.

Hope to be doing more knitting for the holidays, and hopefully will get my organization figured out :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Phat Fiber - October 2014 - Ancient Egypt

This month for Phat Fiber, the theme is Ancient Egypt... I was pretty lost on this one for a while... but everything I have seen was royal blues and gold... so that's what I went with, lol.

I have a hard time sticking with just one sample... so I decided to send it two types of samples... fiber and buttons.

The fiber is a locally sourced 56s Domestic Top... This fiber comes from small family farms east of the Mississippi... and it is a mix of many different breeds in one preparation. The micron count is 29.5... so it is not super soft, but it is also not rough... its super easy to spin and great stuff to work with :)

I went with the name "Fierce Pharaoh"... because it just seemed to fit!

The button on the other hand was a little trickier... I started looking up pictures of Hieroglyphics and noticed that there were many that depicted a honeybee... so what better than a "Bee Hieroglyph" in the blue and gold as well???

And here are the two together... by the way, I absolutely love this pic :)

The Phat Fiber box goes up for sale in a a couple weeks... so make sure to get added to the newsletter so that you know when to snag one :)