Friday, November 22, 2013

Ponce Inlet Arts and Craft Show - Part 3 - Unique Crafts by Barbara

Mrs. Barbara... what can I say... she is absolutely one of the nicest ladies I have ever met in my entire life... 

As soon as I saw her Plarn (plastic bag yarn) purses... I knew that I had to get one... and they were so reasonably priced... I personally thought that they were under-priced with the amount of work that goes into making the plarn... but what a great product :)

Mrs. Barbara makes an array of different things... Plarn purses and beach bags, picture frames, baskets, Santa Lobster Claws, and much more...

Mrs. Barbara with her Plarn Purses - Dont you just love that even her display is recycled :)

Plarn beach bags and frames - There is even a shell "button" that she got off the beach

Santa Lobster Claws... Genius :)

The Plarn purse I picked out...

Look at that... the inside is fully lined... and even has three pockets... amazing!

And of course, her business card... 

Mrs. Barbara was a lovely lady and her product is outstanding... if you are ever in the Daytona/Ponce Inlet/Port Orange are... I highly recommend contacting her and purchasing a fun purse or bag for a day at the beach :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ponce Inlet Arts and Craft Show - Part 2 - World Travel Art

Im sure you can tell that I am super behind with everything... a lot has been changing in my life and finding time to do simple stuff like type is actually hard to find :(

Well, the first artist I would like to showcase actually is not an artist... but rather a group of people who are helping communities in third world countries to showcase their art... World Travel Art!

There were so many different works of art, from all over the globe... I sat in her booth for a good 20 minutes just trying to decide what to buy... and still have money for other vendors of course, lol...

This is a little bag/pouch made from sea grass in Cambodia

The inside :)

A little worry doll... I dont remember where she was made, but she makes me smile :)

Their brochure

And how awesome is this? A coupon code for new customers on the back of the brochure...

The lady I talked to was super nice and extremely helpful... of course I dont remember her name... shame on me... I loved looking at all the goods that were in her booth... gorgeous stuff...

She's in the white... loved meeting her :)

Soda Can Lizards... seriously... genious :)

And I will send you off with the Spark Plug Band... 

Of course the front page of their website would be a lady spinning yarn... Wow... I love it!

Fingers crossed that I get another artist/crafter posted quicker than I did for this one :)