Friday, February 19, 2016

February Spinning Box Sample - "It's My Party"

Wow, am I every far behind with writing posts... Sorry for being such a slacker and not keeping everyone in the loop about what has been going on in my life... I swear I keep forgetting everything, lol!

Well, the February Spinning Boxes have been arriving in people's mailboxes... so I figured I needed to show you what I sent it this month :)

The February theme was "Hot Stuff"... but since I turned 30 on Valentine's Day, I decided to go with "It's My Party"... with a mix of purples, pinks, and white!

These batts contain: Domestic, Cheviot, Mohair, Lincoln Locks, Bamboo, Pulled Sari Silk, and Angelina

"It's My Party" - 1 ounce Batts

1 ounce batt and resulting yarn

The yarn that resulted from the batt actually surprised me... generally I'm not too into pinks and purples... but I was actually very surprised with how much I enjoyed spinning the fiber, and how much I loved the yarn! The little bits of white and darker pinks/purples really draw me in :)

"It's My Party"

These batts are currently available through my Etsy shop:

If you need anything, please feel free to contact me :)