Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Are you ready for Christmas???

I know we all have those last minute Christmas gifts... whether they still need to be purchased... or you are like me, and are still knitting away, lol.

Of course, being the "genius" that I am, I decided yesterday that I needed another Christmas gift... so I frantically searched Ravelry until I could find a pattern that wouldn't take me forever to knit... and I passed out with needles in hand last night :)

Last minute Christmas gift :)

As you can see, I'm really not very far at all... but I have hope that I will get it finished in time!

The UPS man just dropped off a package... and wouldn't you know, its like Christmas for me... I had ordered a sheep shirt from Ravelry last week... they had a spelling mishap, so the shirts were super cheap... and of course I just had to buy one, lol. They sold out really quickly, so I had to get a size smaller than usual.

Its a little tight, but I do not care... it is amazing!!!

How awesome is this???

Here's to hoping that everyone has a wonderful and very Merry Christmas!!! and I will be sending good vibes that all those last minute Christmas gifts get finished :)