Thursday, March 28, 2013

O.B.Y.C - Part 7 - The Ball of Yarn

We finally made it to the last shop on out list for Saturday the 9th... we didn't get there until almost 4pm... but at least we got there. The Ball of Yarn is located in Ormond Beach, FL, just off the Hwy 95... of course with bike week starting, there were tons of bikes... and when I say tons, I mean it.

We passed by the shop and I had to call for help... but turns out we were just on the backside of the shop and could just walk down the side walk. Since it had been such a long day, I decided to put the boys in their stroller to go into the store... Plus, I really didn't want one of them getting away from me and getting hit by a car (or bike for that matter).

The Ball of Yarn is very open inside... there is a lot of room to move around and see everything. Plus, with the giant stroller, I didn't have to try and make 3 or 5 point turns, lol. Both owners, Sandi and Pauline, were in the store to help with any questions or problems... Plus, one of their friends was in the back with the free pattern, so that was nice, you had to interact with people to get the full experience.

Also, there was someone teaching crochet to another in the back of the shop. I sort of felt guilty, because the boys are a little loud at times, but no one seemed to mind at all. In fact, they were all helping me with snacks and water for the boys. By this point, Dylan just wanted to run and do what ever he wanted... so we had to work together to make it a positive experience for the three of us.

I found some discount yarn in a little red wagon in the back of the store... I couldn't believe it... Bamboo yarn... I have never worked with bamboo yarn, so I just had to get it all, lol.

This shop has a very positive and friendly atmosphere... I would highly recommend it to anyone who just happens to be passing through or if you will be staying for a bit... they even had awesome little displays in the bathroom... how cool is that :)

The store front... and then the awesome ball of yarn from the inside

Wall O' Yarn - That green sock on the shelf was made with the special OBYC yarn

The other wall of yarn - with Pauline :)

The gorgeous trunk show they had going on

Close up of the other wall... but I really wanted a close up of that top

I absolutely love this top... I need to quit being such a chicken and give it a try!

Inside the bathroom... love the psychedelic colors

Inside the bathroom - different needles and notions with a little history

Inside Bathroom - two darning eggs in a frame

All the "Gorgeous" bamboo yarn, two wooden buttons, and a soy silk sample

And their business card... Check out the top corner... a free point protector :)

Definitely stop and visit The Ball of Yarn... you are treated more like a friend than a customer and will definitely enjoy yourself :)

O.B.Y.C. - Part 6 - Knit and Stitch

Sorry it too me so long to get the remaining shops uploaded... life has just been getting in the way lately...

Well anyways, On Saturday, March 9th, 2013... the kids and I traveled up the east coast from Vero up to Ormond beach in order to get all 8 shops knocked off our list... Our second store that Saturday was Knit and Stitch in Cocoa Beach...

I was pretty confused with the roads by the time we made it up to Cocoa, and bike week was starting, so all the motorcycles made me super focused... of course Dylan just loves motorcycles and would cry when he couldnt see them, lol.

The store is tucked in a cozy area... at least I thought so... basically at the end of the road in the perfect spot. There was so much history around the store with the buildings, it made for a great time. The kids were so happy to be out of their seats, so they sat on the bench out front for a couple minutes and just got to be free before we entered the story.

Inside the shop, there was so much yarn... everywhere I turned there was more and more yarn... the space is not very big, but let me tell you, the selection was gigantic... Plus, there is a huge table when you walk in the door, so that customers can work on their projects. There were also some pretty big glass jars on the table full of chocolates and M&Ms... The boys loved the dancing bunny and egg laying chicken toys too :)

With the store being so full of yarn and other greatness, I would not recommend bringing kids with you... I didnt have a choice... so of course they came with me. The boys helped me pick out some sock yarn (one day I will make at least one sock) and then I just had to get some needlepoint yarn off the wall... The pink and purple were beautiful... I have no idea what I will do with them, but I will always remember the store I got them from.

I think that if I didnt have the kids with me and was not on such a tight schedule, I could have been in Knit and Stitch for hours if not days finding all kinds of new things. Plus, the customers that were sitting at the table were so friendly, I would have loved to sit and chat with them a bit :)
The store front

The boys enjoying their time on the bench - of course neither would look at me, lol

All of the yarn!!!

Favorite part of the whole trip - The lovely wall of gorgeous... at least that's what I'm calling it

Up by the register and on of the owners (in the teal)

What came home with me... Berocco Comfort Sock and the two skeins of Silk & Ivory - told you the pink and purple were beautiful together

And their card... if you are in the area and plan on knitting... they offer this awesome discount program :)

If you are in Cocoa and have some time to spare, definitely check out Knit and Stitch. You will find something that you like... shoot probably a whole lot more too...

Just a note... I was unaware at first that they do not allow photography in their shop. All images were captured prior to knowing of the stores policy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

O.B.Y.C. - Part 5 - The Knitty Gritty

On Saturday, March 9th... I was planning on doing the three East coast stores... well plans tend to change when you have small children. Laurie was still pretty out of it with the meds and the surgery so she was not going to be going on the "road trip"... Aaron was supposed to be home to watch the boys, but he got called into work... when the cell companies call, he has to go install, lol...

So, I decided that I was going to just deal with it and started getting the kids ready. We didnt get to leave the house until about 9:30 am... but at least we were all dressed and in the car. According to the map and GPS, it was going to be about 9 hours in the car and just over 500 miles... WOW!

We got on the road and started heading toward Vero Beach... of course we didnt get very far when the kids started getting upset and wanted some hashbrowns... thankfully there was a McDonalds and we got the hashbrown and headed East.

I actually love driving out on Hwy 60 toward the coast... there are always a ton of birds out and it is just such a peaceful ride... we did see about 5 Swallow Tail Kites (its a bird) along the way, which always puts a smile on my face :)

We made it to The Knitty Gritty at about 11:30am... I loved the colorful building of the shop, as well as all the surrounding buildings. The boys were so ready to get out of the car, they didnt care about anything. After entering the store, I realized that the day was going to be a lot harder than I had imagined it would be.

As we looked around, I saw a familiar face... Her name is Jody and I met her at Distaff Days in Orlando... as soon as I saw a Thread Thru Time spindle sitting on the table, I just knew she had to be close by... I actually have bought two of these spindles since meeting her... but that is a whole different post, lol...

Immediately we were greeted by some wonderful people... Anna and Deanna... Anna is one of the owners and Deanna, Im assuming just works there... but let me tell you... they were amazing. Anna found some little balls of sock yarn to keep the boys busy and Deanna did the sweetest thing... She uploaded an alphabet game onto her Ipad for the kids to play... I couldnt even believe how sweet they were...

Anna told me to just go shop and they had the boys under control... what? This is not what usually happens to me... but I took advantage of their generousity and went shopping... When it was time to leave, I dont think the kids wanted to go. They were having so much fun with Deanna chasing them all around the store... We loaded up and were heading to the next stop...

The Store Front - Loving all the pink!

Yarn Tree - spotted it when I was unloading the kids


This is Anna - showing me the notions

Lots of pretties - don't you just want to sleep here, lol

Deanna trying to corral the boys - Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help with them :)

All of the things that came home with me...

And the business card :)

I would highly recommend to anyone that is going to Vero Beach for any reason to stop at The Knitty Gritty... they were amazing... I still can not believe how great they were about the kids tagging along... stop by and see what you are missing... plus, there is a chocolate shop right next store (well basically, lol)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl... Part 4 - Knit!

On Sunday, March 3rd, I managed to visit four stores... this is the last one... Knit! in Longwood, FL... I was running a little late and according to my GPS, I would make it right at 5pm... I decided that I had better call the shop and make sure someone would still be there...

The nicest lady answered the phone and said it was not a problem, she would be there... when I arrived, that same lady was who greeted me... her name is Marney (the owner) and she is a gem... I can not say enough positive things about her. She just has a super positive "ora" that comes off her... even if you are in a bad mood, I guarantee you will not leave with one :)

I noticed right away that her store is very open... and the yarn is displayed very nicely. I wondered around for about 20 minutes... sort of felt guilty since it was after close, but Marney did not seem to have a problem with it. There was another customer there who was knitting... but once she started packing up, I picked up my pace, lol.

She had a lovely selection of yarn and her prices were very reasonable... I ended up getting this beautiful Cascade sock yarn in a blue color... since I am too chicken to knit socks, I decided it would make a gorgeous shawl... for someone anyways... maybe mom will get it :)

As I was checking out, Marney said that she could even wind the skein for me... to me, that was above and beyond... shoot, it was almost 30 minutes after close and she wound the yarn for me... Also, there was this awesome lotion on the counter, Gloves in a Bottle... I took a sample for Laurie (the friend with the broken wrist) and myself... but ended up leaving with the large, 8oz. bottle too :)

From of the store

Toward the back of the store... seating area and notions

Some of the pretties :)

Looking out the front - ran into another Winter Havean there (dont know what else to call us, lol)

My goodies - its Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn

And of course, the business card... just in case you are in the area :)

I will definitely visit Knit! again if I am in the area. The store was lovely and the people were awesome. I would highly recommend making the trip :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl - Part 3... Sip and Knit

The third store I visited on March 3rd was Sip and Knit in Maitland, FL... At first I wasn't sure if I had found the right place... as it was getting pretty late in the day on a Sunday... then I spotted the sheep... there is a white sheep (similar to Willamina at The Black Sheep) that sits in front of the store greeting customers :)

The shop looks small from the outside, but once you walk in those doors... it just opens up and keeps going. I was greeted by Doni, the owner... she was sitting at a table at the front of the shop with a friend and the cutest "office assistant" ever... Tucker!

Sip and Knit has a very large selection of unique yarns... as well as a whole room dedicated to notions, etc... There were so many different types of needles, and very large variety of buttons... As I went to use the restroom, I noticed some boxes of magazines sitting in the hallway... I wasn't sure if I was mis-reading things or what... but the sign said $1.00

Now what's a girl to do when she finds knitting magazines so cheap... duh, I had to buy them... I ended up with 18 of them... but half were for Laurie (the friend with the broken wrist), so I didnt feel so bad about it, lol.

Anyways, lets get back to her shop... I crept through the place seeing where else the hallway would take me... down a cooridor, I notice an opening, it was amazing... there was a room with comfy chairs and a wall of yarn... it was a teaching/knitting area and boy was it nice. The whole store was very welcoming and made you want to stay a while...

The store front

The white sheep... super cute

Come meet Tucker

Going into the needles/notions room

The yarn when you first walk in

Trunk show items

The pattern that Doni designed for the Yarn Crawl

And of course, her business card... I love that they have a happy hour on Friday

The only thing I wish I would have gotten a picture of, and didnt, was that awesome work space in the back. I highly recommend stopping if you are in the area... she is even open on Sundays :)

Be back Monday with Knit in Longwood!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl - Part 2 - The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is the 2nd store I visited on March 3rd, 2013... I was a little confused on how to get there, my GPS was not helping too much, lol... I am just thankful that it was a Sunday and not during rush hour...

I followed another customer in... this was her local yarn store, so she was way more familiar with the layout than I was... Immediately I was welcomed by Anne, the owner... she was so friendly and took me around the shop... she showed me where all the sales were, the yarn crawl patterns (yes, patterns, she had two for us), and told me that if I needed anything, that she would be there.

I looked around, checked out all the yarn, and the layout of her store. She specializes in Needle point, so she had a ton of stuff for that... I saw the cutest little lizard bag up by the window, and almost got it... even though I dont know the first thing about needle point, lol. I found some amazing smelling lotion, that works great for knitters... helps keep my hands moisturized while the yarn is sucking it out :)

There was a lady knitting, what appeared to be socks, sitting at the table, we all three sat down and had a conversation. The whole experience was great. I will definitely be visiting The Black Sheep and Willamina (she is the black sheep in the front) again!
The store front

The lovely Willamina

The gorgeousness you walk into :)

Her "Black Sheep" - made by Donna at Four Purls

The lotion and patterns

And the business card... just in case you want to visit...wink, wink :)

I'll be back tomorrow with Sip and Knit... have a great time reading, Ann