Thursday, March 28, 2013

O.B.Y.C. - Part 6 - Knit and Stitch

Sorry it too me so long to get the remaining shops uploaded... life has just been getting in the way lately...

Well anyways, On Saturday, March 9th, 2013... the kids and I traveled up the east coast from Vero up to Ormond beach in order to get all 8 shops knocked off our list... Our second store that Saturday was Knit and Stitch in Cocoa Beach...

I was pretty confused with the roads by the time we made it up to Cocoa, and bike week was starting, so all the motorcycles made me super focused... of course Dylan just loves motorcycles and would cry when he couldnt see them, lol.

The store is tucked in a cozy area... at least I thought so... basically at the end of the road in the perfect spot. There was so much history around the store with the buildings, it made for a great time. The kids were so happy to be out of their seats, so they sat on the bench out front for a couple minutes and just got to be free before we entered the story.

Inside the shop, there was so much yarn... everywhere I turned there was more and more yarn... the space is not very big, but let me tell you, the selection was gigantic... Plus, there is a huge table when you walk in the door, so that customers can work on their projects. There were also some pretty big glass jars on the table full of chocolates and M&Ms... The boys loved the dancing bunny and egg laying chicken toys too :)

With the store being so full of yarn and other greatness, I would not recommend bringing kids with you... I didnt have a choice... so of course they came with me. The boys helped me pick out some sock yarn (one day I will make at least one sock) and then I just had to get some needlepoint yarn off the wall... The pink and purple were beautiful... I have no idea what I will do with them, but I will always remember the store I got them from.

I think that if I didnt have the kids with me and was not on such a tight schedule, I could have been in Knit and Stitch for hours if not days finding all kinds of new things. Plus, the customers that were sitting at the table were so friendly, I would have loved to sit and chat with them a bit :)
The store front

The boys enjoying their time on the bench - of course neither would look at me, lol

All of the yarn!!!

Favorite part of the whole trip - The lovely wall of gorgeous... at least that's what I'm calling it

Up by the register and on of the owners (in the teal)

What came home with me... Berocco Comfort Sock and the two skeins of Silk & Ivory - told you the pink and purple were beautiful together

And their card... if you are in the area and plan on knitting... they offer this awesome discount program :)

If you are in Cocoa and have some time to spare, definitely check out Knit and Stitch. You will find something that you like... shoot probably a whole lot more too...

Just a note... I was unaware at first that they do not allow photography in their shop. All images were captured prior to knowing of the stores policy.


  1. We found a nice little restraunt called the Ossorio a short walk from the shop. They had some wonderful cresent sandwiches and flat bread pizza.

    1. I would love to explore Cocoa Beach... there were so many little shops tucked away down there :)

  2. Yes there were. Maybe we should try to get there together. We could take David along and he could keep the boys busy while we shopped. LOL he'd get a kick out of that. He hasn't had any kids his "true" age to play with in years. Wish I had known you were going with the boys we could have hooked up.