Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl... Part 1 - Needle Craft World

This year 8 local (sort of) yarn shops decided to get together and have a crawl... What is a crawl you may ask? Its basically when you get in your car and go to each shop... it takes a while, but you get to visit different shops and take in the whole experience... it was awesome!

So, for me, I started on March 2nd at Four Purls in Winter Haven... of course I was only going up there to drop off some drop spindles that the owner, Laura, is starting to carry in her shop :) I ended up staying for 4 hours and chatted with fellow fiber lovers, while spinning on a Threads Thru Time drop spindle.

My friend, Laurie, and I were planning out our schedules so that we could hit each store and have a fun couple of weekends... well, after we left Laura's, I went home... around 6pm that night, I got a call from Laurie saying that she had fallen on her way into Walgreens and broke her wrist... I could not even describe how terrible I felt for her... she used her hands for everything...

Jumping ahead, come Monday morning (3/4/13), I ended up taking her to meet with her surgeon, she had snapped both bones and was going to need surgery. She had her surgery on Tuesday the 5th, and is at home recovering now... But, I didnt have my crawl partner anymore, so I decided that I would visit all the shops on my own picking up little goodies for her along the way :)

Now, back to Sunday, March 3rd, I decided around 1pm that I was going to go visit all the closer stores... Orlando, Kissimmee, Maitland, and Longwood...

I started at Needle Craft World in Kissimmee, FL... The owner Cathy was so friendly, she even purchased two sets of my stitch markers... I couldn't believe it... I ended up staying at her shop for a while asking tons of questions and just taking in the ambiance of her shop... it was a smaller shop, but there were so many beautiful things that I had never seen before, you could have looked around for hours.

Store Front

When you first walk in the door... I do not remember her name, but this was one of Cathy's employees and she was such a delight to talk with

The awesome yarn I got from her... Queensland Collection "Uluru" and James G. Brett "Moonlight Sonata"... oh and of course I had to get some yummy silver beads

And here is her card in case you would like to take a trip :)

I will try and write at least one post each day about each of the stores... hope you follow along to see what happened on my journey... Ann


  1. Ohh I snagged some of that Moonlight Sonata too, in Black and white, absolutly gorgeous. Going to have to go back there when I'm looking for X-stitch stuff.

    1. I must not have seen the Black and White one... either way I think I still would have left with the green... I love it... and she had a lot of yarns I had not seen anywhere else... will definitely be stopping again :)