Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl... Part 4 - Knit!

On Sunday, March 3rd, I managed to visit four stores... this is the last one... Knit! in Longwood, FL... I was running a little late and according to my GPS, I would make it right at 5pm... I decided that I had better call the shop and make sure someone would still be there...

The nicest lady answered the phone and said it was not a problem, she would be there... when I arrived, that same lady was who greeted me... her name is Marney (the owner) and she is a gem... I can not say enough positive things about her. She just has a super positive "ora" that comes off her... even if you are in a bad mood, I guarantee you will not leave with one :)

I noticed right away that her store is very open... and the yarn is displayed very nicely. I wondered around for about 20 minutes... sort of felt guilty since it was after close, but Marney did not seem to have a problem with it. There was another customer there who was knitting... but once she started packing up, I picked up my pace, lol.

She had a lovely selection of yarn and her prices were very reasonable... I ended up getting this beautiful Cascade sock yarn in a blue color... since I am too chicken to knit socks, I decided it would make a gorgeous shawl... for someone anyways... maybe mom will get it :)

As I was checking out, Marney said that she could even wind the skein for me... to me, that was above and beyond... shoot, it was almost 30 minutes after close and she wound the yarn for me... Also, there was this awesome lotion on the counter, Gloves in a Bottle... I took a sample for Laurie (the friend with the broken wrist) and myself... but ended up leaving with the large, 8oz. bottle too :)

From of the store

Toward the back of the store... seating area and notions

Some of the pretties :)

Looking out the front - ran into another Winter Havean there (dont know what else to call us, lol)

My goodies - its Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn

And of course, the business card... just in case you are in the area :)

I will definitely visit Knit! again if I am in the area. The store was lovely and the people were awesome. I would highly recommend making the trip :)

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