Thursday, March 28, 2013

O.B.Y.C - Part 7 - The Ball of Yarn

We finally made it to the last shop on out list for Saturday the 9th... we didn't get there until almost 4pm... but at least we got there. The Ball of Yarn is located in Ormond Beach, FL, just off the Hwy 95... of course with bike week starting, there were tons of bikes... and when I say tons, I mean it.

We passed by the shop and I had to call for help... but turns out we were just on the backside of the shop and could just walk down the side walk. Since it had been such a long day, I decided to put the boys in their stroller to go into the store... Plus, I really didn't want one of them getting away from me and getting hit by a car (or bike for that matter).

The Ball of Yarn is very open inside... there is a lot of room to move around and see everything. Plus, with the giant stroller, I didn't have to try and make 3 or 5 point turns, lol. Both owners, Sandi and Pauline, were in the store to help with any questions or problems... Plus, one of their friends was in the back with the free pattern, so that was nice, you had to interact with people to get the full experience.

Also, there was someone teaching crochet to another in the back of the shop. I sort of felt guilty, because the boys are a little loud at times, but no one seemed to mind at all. In fact, they were all helping me with snacks and water for the boys. By this point, Dylan just wanted to run and do what ever he wanted... so we had to work together to make it a positive experience for the three of us.

I found some discount yarn in a little red wagon in the back of the store... I couldn't believe it... Bamboo yarn... I have never worked with bamboo yarn, so I just had to get it all, lol.

This shop has a very positive and friendly atmosphere... I would highly recommend it to anyone who just happens to be passing through or if you will be staying for a bit... they even had awesome little displays in the bathroom... how cool is that :)

The store front... and then the awesome ball of yarn from the inside

Wall O' Yarn - That green sock on the shelf was made with the special OBYC yarn

The other wall of yarn - with Pauline :)

The gorgeous trunk show they had going on

Close up of the other wall... but I really wanted a close up of that top

I absolutely love this top... I need to quit being such a chicken and give it a try!

Inside the bathroom... love the psychedelic colors

Inside the bathroom - different needles and notions with a little history

Inside Bathroom - two darning eggs in a frame

All the "Gorgeous" bamboo yarn, two wooden buttons, and a soy silk sample

And their business card... Check out the top corner... a free point protector :)

Definitely stop and visit The Ball of Yarn... you are treated more like a friend than a customer and will definitely enjoy yourself :)


  1. I bought some of that Soy Silk yarn. Even made that cute hat out of it (Pink hat in your 6th picture between the vests). It worked up very nicely. I thought the hat had been on a manniquin when we were there so you could tell a bit better the shape of it. It reminds me of a flappers style of hat. Gonna have to get pictures and post it on my Ravelry page.

    1. Heck yes you do... I would love to see it... that Soy Silk is super soft...