Thursday, April 25, 2013

O.B.Y.C. - Part 8 - Four Purls

Wow, am I ever behind... I am so sorry for not getting this done sooner... life has just been crazy lately. Technically Four Purls in Winter Haven, FL is not the last shop I visited... I actually stopped there first, but of course forgot my passport... as my camera, lol.

So... on Sunday, March 10th... I told Aaron that I had to run up the the yarn shop to drop off my passport... of course, he didn't believe me, and thought I just wanted to go buy more yarn :)

Anyways, let me tell you about Four Purls... It is located in Winter Haven, FL... a place I call home... the shop has grown a lot since I first set foot inside... and that was under 2 years ago. Four Purls is like your best friends house. No matter who you are or what your skill level is, you can come in and take a seat on the couch. There is always someone knitting or crocheting away... I have even brought my boys in there and no one ever has an issue with it... they just sit on the couch (harassing people) and the ladies love it!

The first couple times, I sort of felt intimidated by all the impressive works everyone was making... but now, I just go in and start talking to people. Laura, the owner, is always more than happy to help you no matter what your questions are... and don't worry, if she is busy, her staff is just as amazing... I met Donna the same time I met Laura, and I have learned a lot from her... not just fiber related either... she has a set of twins too and is always more than willing to share her secrets :) Then there is Heather, she also has a little boy, about the same age as mine... and she is always smiling and ready to help... (I'm sure I am missing some of the staff, but these are the people I usually run into on the weekends... which is really the only time I ever get up there)

The yarn selection is growing like crazy... Every time I walk in there, I feel like I am greeted with new, fun yarn... plus, she has a spinning section!!! I do not recall seeing a spinning section at any of the other shops... but Four Purls has some different fibers, including angora... and some drop spindles.

Plus, Mrs. Donna teaches a weaving class now :)

The Store Front

What you enter into :)

One of the aisles of yarn... I know, I should have gotten the rest of them

My purchase... Got some awesome Berroco Vintage

And of course, the business card

If you are ever in the area, or just feel like taking a little drive... come to Winter Haven and check out Four Purls... trust me you won't regret it!


  1. Ah yes. This is the shop I call home too. Everyone there is so helpful and friendly. I love just stopping in to sit and knit, although I can't quite make myself leave all the yarn behind when I go.

  2. Fast forward a few years and I feel the same way. Four Purls is a lovely shop and going into the "yarn truck" is just like walking in the store (minus the stock). The people are friendly and want to help and do.