Friday, May 30, 2014

June Challenge - Patriotism

So, I signed up for a spinning challenge... the theme is Patriotism... and there are three categories... Single Ply, Traditional Ply, and Art Yarn.

I figured for the United States.. the American Flag was the way to go... so after work, I went to work on some red, white, and blue roving.

I signed up for the Single and the Art Yarn... I might also do the Traditional, if there is enough time that is, lol.

I'm thinking about tatting some add-ins for the Art Yarn... just not sure what yet.

Here is the roving outcome though :)

Right out of the dye pot

And after being washed and spun... now to wait and dry :)

I will keep you posted on the progress... and whatever crazy ideas I come up with this weekend... Hope everyone has a wonderful evening :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Remembering our Soldiers...

Today is Memorial Day 2014... Growing up, I remember knowing that it was a day to honor the men and women who had given their lives for my freedom... but as an adult, I have a much stronger understanding of all the sacrficies that they made so that I can live as a free American.

I dont care what nationality you are or where you live... there is always someone to thank for giving their life so that you can live the way you live.

Around the age of 15, I met a guy at church named Stew... he was sort of "scary" to me... he just sat off in the corner working on his own stuff and really didnt talk too much. Fast forward to now... he works for my mom and I have really gotten to know him... He was in Vietnam and saw way too many people die... his experiences in life have made him who he is today. He once said to me that he didnt really know why he got to come back home, when so many around him died... and he has tried to live his life for others because of that. 

Whenever I talk to Stew, I just want to go sit and cry... he lost more than anyone will ever know, because he made the decision to fight for his country.

I have had a few family members, that are or were service men and women... I just want to THANK YOU ALL for doing what you had to do... and THANK YOU to the wives, husbands, kids, mothers, and fathers who had to let their loved ones go fight, knowing that they may not return to you.

I hope that everyone has a very safe day... and please take a moment to say thanks.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hand Dyed Thread and Bobbin Lace :)

I finished the pastel bobbin lace bookmark last night... and I am quite pleased with how it turned out :)

Finished Pastel Bookmark

Since we all know that I am obsessed with bobbin pictures, lol...

And I have some New Hand Dyed Thread in my Etsy Shop... Here are some examples of the colors... and the tatted examples of each thread :)



Surfs Up

There are some other colors as well... if you are a tatter or crocheter... or just like working with smaller threads (these are size 10)... check them out :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Bobbin Lace Adventures

Since I started playing with the bobbins again... I feel so much inspiration and really want to continue creating lace :)

Like I said yesterday, there is something new in the works... well after I got the kids to bed last night, I managed to get more done on it...

All the bobbins wound... FINALLY!!!

Love the way the bobbins look with the pastel colors


So far...

When I left the house this morning... It almost looks plaid from a distance

Another Shot...

And I saved my favorite for last... I am on this sort of abstract kick lately... and this one is awesome (I think so anyways, lol)

Isn't that freaking sweet???

Monday, May 19, 2014

Pink Camo Bookmark Finished!!!

I didn't get much of the bookmark complete at the Fiber Guild Meeting on Saturday... but I did manage to get it completed yesterday (Sunday)... and that's when a ton of ideas came flooding into my mind.

It got so bad that I had to go find a notebook to write them down, lol.

Here is the finished bookmark:

I really like how it turned out :)

Close Up... its also a cell phone picture, lol.

And like I said earlier... all these ideas came rushing in... so I figured what the heck, why not start working them out... so here is the first one... I'm still winding bobbins.

I really love this picture for some reason

And I finished off the day by creating some hand dyed thread... I still have to get them pictured and listed online... but here is a sneak peek of them :)

Hand Dyed Thread

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pink Camo Bobbin Lace Bookmark

I haven't been to a bobbin lace meeting in about 3 months... and I was pretty bummed out that my pillow was just sitting in the corner.

Well, last weekend, I made it to the meeting... got to spend some time with Mrs. Margaret... and got some new lace on the pillow :)

Its going to end up being a "Pink Camo" Bookmark... 

The blue "bobbin holder" was made by a member of the group, Sharlyn... she crocheted the strip so that the bobbins hold in place :)

Since tomorrow is the fiber guild meeting, I am planning on bringing the pillow with me... so hope to get the bookmark completed... hopefully, lol :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Papa's Birthday Scrubbie

Today was mom's boyfriend, Tim's, 51st birthday... I really had a hard time figuring what to get him... He really like motorcycles, cars, and old tractors... but lets face it, I cant afford that, lol :)

So I started thinking, what can you get someone that can be used by anyone... and they might actually use... How about a Bath Scrubber for washing your back in the shower???

I looked at few different patterns, but none of them called for what I had on hand... so I sort of made one up... and Ill attempt to write up the pattern in the next few days :)

Here is the outcome... Tim seemed to like it... and hopefully it will get used :)

Sorry for the terrible pictures... they were sort of an after thought... so I grabbed them right before he got his present, lol...

Fingers crossed that a pattern will be posted soon :)