Thursday, May 8, 2014

Papa's Birthday Scrubbie

Today was mom's boyfriend, Tim's, 51st birthday... I really had a hard time figuring what to get him... He really like motorcycles, cars, and old tractors... but lets face it, I cant afford that, lol :)

So I started thinking, what can you get someone that can be used by anyone... and they might actually use... How about a Bath Scrubber for washing your back in the shower???

I looked at few different patterns, but none of them called for what I had on hand... so I sort of made one up... and Ill attempt to write up the pattern in the next few days :)

Here is the outcome... Tim seemed to like it... and hopefully it will get used :)

Sorry for the terrible pictures... they were sort of an after thought... so I grabbed them right before he got his present, lol...

Fingers crossed that a pattern will be posted soon :)


  1. Hi. I just made something out of your hand dyed yarn if you would like to take a look :)
    Greetings from Iceland.

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    2. I just found it... I love it!!! You did an amazing job... And I have to say that I really like how the yarn worked up... Do you like it?

  2. Yes, I liked it a LOT. So soft and drapes nicely, perfect for the pattern. Best is though it reminds me of my vacation in Florida this easter.