Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Booth Pics from Florida Sheep and Wool 2014

Just wanted to share some pics of the Twin Mommy Creations booth from last weekend at the Florida Sheep and Wool Festival 2014...

There were over 1700 people that attended this year... and I got to meet so many amazing and wonderful people. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Doug Meyers and the Florida Meat Sheep Alliance for allowing me to vend at their event... I would have never got to experience it, had I not happened to meet Doug's son, Aaron, last year in Homeland :)

So many people stopped by the booth and just wanted to meet me... they had read this blog and wanted to say "Hi"... let me tell you, it is beyond special to me when someone just comes up and feels like they already know you, because they have read what you were writing... so a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who came by the say "Hello" :)

And since I know that most of you could not make it to the Festival... because lets face it, we all have jobs, bills, etc. that do not always permit us to do what we want, lol... I wanted to make it possible for you to see all the bright colors and fun from last weekend... and I hope to one day get to meet you all :)

Center of the booth

Rack of Handspun in back... Rack of Batts, Camel, and Project Bags in Front

Racks of Fiber and Yarn... with Rolags in Front :)

Other Corner of the Booth


Handmade Polymer Clay Spindles... each one has a little test skein attached

Handmade Button Display

And the Stitch Marker / Art Yarn Accent Tower :)

I sure hope if you made it, you had a wonderful time... I know that for me, it was an unbelievable event... and I even ran into an "old friend" that I haven't seen in over 10 years :)


  1. Glad I found your blog. I just moved near Orlando and have been looking for a wool and sheep festival and other knitters/spinners.

    1. YAY!!! I am super happy that you found me too :)

      There is also the Florida Fiber In, which is September 19th - 21st this year... I will have a booth there also. It is a gathering of fiber lovers with free demonstrations and just an over all good time :)