Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Sheep and Wool is Tomorrow :)

Can you believe it??? The Florida Sheep and Wool Festival is tomorrow :)

I ended up listening to my mother and some friends... and actually slept last night... Although I am kicking myself for sleeping today.

There is just so much stuff that still needs to be done :)

Here are just some teaser pics of some of the products that will be available this weekend:

Single Ply Raw Silk 

100% Alpaca Lace

More Alpaca Drying on the back porch

Domestic 56s Roving

And lastly... a teaser pic... this is going to end up being something... but I will not tell you :)

It's a Surprise!!!

See you this weekend :) And just in case you need the link for the address, etc:

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