Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3 More Days... Florida Sheep and Wool


Can you believe it??? In just 3 days, I will be driving to Ocala, FL to set up for the Florida Sheep and Wool Festival... everything is moving so quickly... and I am freaking out!!!

The worst part is that I can't keep my brain focused... Every time I turn around, Im writing down some new idea... man do I need to stop that :)

I brought my button and stitch marker display to the fiber guild meeting last weekend for feedback... and everyone seemed to really like it... so that made me feel so much better.

Here is what I have been (slowly) working on :

Hand Dyed - Single Spun - 100% Silk Yarn

More Silk Yarn Drying

Hand Dyed Silk Noil

Domestic 56s Roving

And lastly... these have been in my mind for a little bit... but finally I have put them in motion :)

Polymer Clay Covered Felting Needles...

There is also a sort of  "special" packaging for the felting needles, that way they will not be damaged in transit or once they are in their new homes :)

Hope to see some of you this weekend...

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