Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seriously... 2 more days!!!

I am officially freaking out... I didn't go to sleep til 5am... then had to get up for work at 7am... not good :(

My brain just wont shut off at night... well ever... so whenever something pops into my head, I feel like I have to do it... NOW!!!

Well, last night was no different... and I decided that since there were going to be spinning workshops this weekend at the Sheep and Wool Festival... I needed to have Orifice Hooks.

What is an Orifice Hook you might ask??? It is a tool to get the yarn or leader out of the orifice of your spinning wheel... basically it is a necessity... and you cant have just one (well I cant anyways, lol).

So, here are just some of the "experiments":

Only a few so far :)

The Hook

This one is my favorite so far :)

Its an "angry" cat or something, lol

Well, that's all I have for now... I don't think I will be sleeping too much tonight either... just way too much to get done :)

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