Monday, May 26, 2014

Remembering our Soldiers...

Today is Memorial Day 2014... Growing up, I remember knowing that it was a day to honor the men and women who had given their lives for my freedom... but as an adult, I have a much stronger understanding of all the sacrficies that they made so that I can live as a free American.

I dont care what nationality you are or where you live... there is always someone to thank for giving their life so that you can live the way you live.

Around the age of 15, I met a guy at church named Stew... he was sort of "scary" to me... he just sat off in the corner working on his own stuff and really didnt talk too much. Fast forward to now... he works for my mom and I have really gotten to know him... He was in Vietnam and saw way too many people die... his experiences in life have made him who he is today. He once said to me that he didnt really know why he got to come back home, when so many around him died... and he has tried to live his life for others because of that. 

Whenever I talk to Stew, I just want to go sit and cry... he lost more than anyone will ever know, because he made the decision to fight for his country.

I have had a few family members, that are or were service men and women... I just want to THANK YOU ALL for doing what you had to do... and THANK YOU to the wives, husbands, kids, mothers, and fathers who had to let their loved ones go fight, knowing that they may not return to you.

I hope that everyone has a very safe day... and please take a moment to say thanks.

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