Thursday, March 14, 2013

Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl - Part 2 - The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is the 2nd store I visited on March 3rd, 2013... I was a little confused on how to get there, my GPS was not helping too much, lol... I am just thankful that it was a Sunday and not during rush hour...

I followed another customer in... this was her local yarn store, so she was way more familiar with the layout than I was... Immediately I was welcomed by Anne, the owner... she was so friendly and took me around the shop... she showed me where all the sales were, the yarn crawl patterns (yes, patterns, she had two for us), and told me that if I needed anything, that she would be there.

I looked around, checked out all the yarn, and the layout of her store. She specializes in Needle point, so she had a ton of stuff for that... I saw the cutest little lizard bag up by the window, and almost got it... even though I dont know the first thing about needle point, lol. I found some amazing smelling lotion, that works great for knitters... helps keep my hands moisturized while the yarn is sucking it out :)

There was a lady knitting, what appeared to be socks, sitting at the table, we all three sat down and had a conversation. The whole experience was great. I will definitely be visiting The Black Sheep and Willamina (she is the black sheep in the front) again!
The store front

The lovely Willamina

The gorgeousness you walk into :)

Her "Black Sheep" - made by Donna at Four Purls

The lotion and patterns

And the business card... just in case you want to visit...wink, wink :)

I'll be back tomorrow with Sip and Knit... have a great time reading, Ann


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    1. sorry that didn't make sense. I was trying to say that I'll need to return to the Black Sheep to look more carefully at her canvases. Hubby had other things he wanted to show me and was trying to rush me too. I think she had chocolate in the front of the store and I was trying to avoid it, not my man though he kept urging me toward it. LOL

    2. Lol... I saw all of those goodies in the front... of course I didnt see them right away, but tried to just walk away... She had so much great stuff... and I really like the openness of the shop :)