Wednesday, March 20, 2013

O.B.Y.C. - Part 5 - The Knitty Gritty

On Saturday, March 9th... I was planning on doing the three East coast stores... well plans tend to change when you have small children. Laurie was still pretty out of it with the meds and the surgery so she was not going to be going on the "road trip"... Aaron was supposed to be home to watch the boys, but he got called into work... when the cell companies call, he has to go install, lol...

So, I decided that I was going to just deal with it and started getting the kids ready. We didnt get to leave the house until about 9:30 am... but at least we were all dressed and in the car. According to the map and GPS, it was going to be about 9 hours in the car and just over 500 miles... WOW!

We got on the road and started heading toward Vero Beach... of course we didnt get very far when the kids started getting upset and wanted some hashbrowns... thankfully there was a McDonalds and we got the hashbrown and headed East.

I actually love driving out on Hwy 60 toward the coast... there are always a ton of birds out and it is just such a peaceful ride... we did see about 5 Swallow Tail Kites (its a bird) along the way, which always puts a smile on my face :)

We made it to The Knitty Gritty at about 11:30am... I loved the colorful building of the shop, as well as all the surrounding buildings. The boys were so ready to get out of the car, they didnt care about anything. After entering the store, I realized that the day was going to be a lot harder than I had imagined it would be.

As we looked around, I saw a familiar face... Her name is Jody and I met her at Distaff Days in Orlando... as soon as I saw a Thread Thru Time spindle sitting on the table, I just knew she had to be close by... I actually have bought two of these spindles since meeting her... but that is a whole different post, lol...

Immediately we were greeted by some wonderful people... Anna and Deanna... Anna is one of the owners and Deanna, Im assuming just works there... but let me tell you... they were amazing. Anna found some little balls of sock yarn to keep the boys busy and Deanna did the sweetest thing... She uploaded an alphabet game onto her Ipad for the kids to play... I couldnt even believe how sweet they were...

Anna told me to just go shop and they had the boys under control... what? This is not what usually happens to me... but I took advantage of their generousity and went shopping... When it was time to leave, I dont think the kids wanted to go. They were having so much fun with Deanna chasing them all around the store... We loaded up and were heading to the next stop...

The Store Front - Loving all the pink!

Yarn Tree - spotted it when I was unloading the kids


This is Anna - showing me the notions

Lots of pretties - don't you just want to sleep here, lol

Deanna trying to corral the boys - Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate your help with them :)

All of the things that came home with me...

And the business card :)

I would highly recommend to anyone that is going to Vero Beach for any reason to stop at The Knitty Gritty... they were amazing... I still can not believe how great they were about the kids tagging along... stop by and see what you are missing... plus, there is a chocolate shop right next store (well basically, lol)


  1. Did you stop and get chocolate?

    1. Unfortunately no... once I got the kids loaded up in the car and then realized that I didnt stop for chocolate... I decided that it was too much of a hassle to unload them... although I do regret no stopping... Do you stop?

  2. We didn't stop this time because we were both tired. We did the same shops as you but started on the other end. By the time we got to the KG we were done. Just wanted to get home. I knew we would feel that way so that was why I started from the far end. I live just off of 60 so by the time we were tired we only had another hour to drive. You probably made the right choice not stopping with your boys though. They have antiques in there with the chocolate.

    1. Oh yeah, with antiques it was definitely the right choice... I didnt even know that they had them in their... now I dont feel so bad for not stopping. I didnt even think about going to Ormond first, but I think you probably made the better choice... by the time we left Ormond, that two hour drive almost killed me :)