Friday, November 22, 2013

Ponce Inlet Arts and Craft Show - Part 3 - Unique Crafts by Barbara

Mrs. Barbara... what can I say... she is absolutely one of the nicest ladies I have ever met in my entire life... 

As soon as I saw her Plarn (plastic bag yarn) purses... I knew that I had to get one... and they were so reasonably priced... I personally thought that they were under-priced with the amount of work that goes into making the plarn... but what a great product :)

Mrs. Barbara makes an array of different things... Plarn purses and beach bags, picture frames, baskets, Santa Lobster Claws, and much more...

Mrs. Barbara with her Plarn Purses - Dont you just love that even her display is recycled :)

Plarn beach bags and frames - There is even a shell "button" that she got off the beach

Santa Lobster Claws... Genius :)

The Plarn purse I picked out...

Look at that... the inside is fully lined... and even has three pockets... amazing!

And of course, her business card... 

Mrs. Barbara was a lovely lady and her product is outstanding... if you are ever in the Daytona/Ponce Inlet/Port Orange are... I highly recommend contacting her and purchasing a fun purse or bag for a day at the beach :)

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