Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spinning a Rainbow... Part 2

As I said yesterday, I went ahead and Navajo/Chain Plied the "Peaceful Rainbow" Yarn... basically it is a way of creating a 3-ply yarn using just one bobbin of spun yarn... you are using your hand to make a chain, like in crochet, at the same time you are spinning... it seems a lot harder than it is, as long as you are coordinated... The first time I tried, I ended up with a huge tangled mess, and I was pretty pissed for about a week :)

The resulting yarn is self striping... Since the rolags were separated in rainbow colors, and I spin each one in the same order, the yarn will stripe in that order... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple...

The Yarn on the Kromski Knitty Noddy

And I just love this pic... I sort of want to have it framed... Just because it looks like there is a story behind it, but there could be so many different outcomes...

And of course the YARN...

I ended up with 180 yards of Sport Weight, 3-ply self striping yarn :)

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