Wednesday, September 3, 2014

16 Days... and more colors :)

Wow!!! Only 16 days remain until the Florida Fiber In... I am definitely getting more and more excited about it... Especially since I have heard from so many friends, that they will be attending this year :)

I realized last night that the Phat Fiber Box went on sale the same weekend as the Fiber In... and then it hit me that I had not sent my samples in... so I am frantically trying to finish weighing and packaging fiber samples to get to Phat Fiber Headquarters in time as well.

Although it was sort of a lazy night, I did get a few more sets of stitch markers complete... Here they are :)

More Rainbows... These are tatted stitch markers

Close up of the Colors

And since not everyone wants super bright colors... I figured I should do some that are more subtle and natural looking :)

Burgundy and Brown

The husband is coming home tonight, so I may not get to do much crafting tonight... He would much rather I try to organize the stuff I have all over the house already... so we shall see what happens :)

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