Thursday, September 11, 2014

8 Days Remain...

We have a little over a week longer to wait... Can you even believe it... I have been having such a hard time sleeping, because I am so freaking excited about Fiber In :)

I took some advice from a friend and decided that I really needed to work on packaging, rather than trying to wait til the last minute and not getting any sleep... so I started that last night.

In between dyeing Silk Noil... I started weighing and packaging Angelina... Here is just a small taste of colors... I will have at least 20 colors available :)

1/2 ounce packages of Angelina

And so far, there will be at least 15 colors of Silk Noil - Available in 1 ounce packages :)

Silk Noil Drying

More Silk Noil

And some more, lol.

I am hoping to finish getting the Angelina packaged tonight... then moving onto exotic fibers :)

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