Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fiber In Booth - 2014

I have been meaning to get pictures posted of the Twin Mommy Creations booth from last weekend... but of course I keep forgetting, lol...

The booth was a team effort... I can not say how much I appreciate all the help from Mara, Brooke, and Laurie in getting it together and all their help throughout the weekend.

I got to see so many familiar faces... and tons of new ones... good times... tons of laughs... and cant wait til next year :)

And here are the pictures you have all been waiting for... well probably not... but whatever, lol :)

The over all

The corner

Needle/Shawl Pin Garden

The above pictures were all taken with the phone... I completely forgot that I had my camera with me, lol.

Needles-Shawl Pins-Lucets-Spindles

Part of the Batts

All the Bamboo Roving

Wool Roving

Qiviut - Spindle Kits - Camel 

Silk Noil - Lincoln Locks

Hand Spun - Felting Kits

Qiviut - Camel - Angelina - Cotton Yarn

Buttons - Stitch Markers - Tatted Accents - Hand Dyed Thread

Hand Dyed Yarns

Sorry for all the pictures... I went a little crazy.. but I love all the colors :)


  1. WOW!~ *pick up jaw off the floor*

    1. Thank you Mandy... I was a busy lady, lol... I love how it turned out and the people were all so amazing :)