Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4 Days... well pretty much 3 :)

Technically we only have 3 days left... but time got away from me today and I did not get a chance to post earlier... Its actually 1:36am here and I should probably be asleep... but whatever, lol.

This morning when we got to work, the boys and I set up the enclosures for the ball python and leopard geckos... and they absolutely love watching them... They got to feed the geckos some mealworms... and even went and picked flowers for them.

This is what they wanted to do all day... just sit and watch the animals... it was super cute :)

With the help of my mom and little brother, we are almost finished with an awesome display... it was just an idea in my head, and mom came up with a great idea... it was a hassle... but hopefully it will be done tomorrow and I can share the results.

We also managed to get the work van cleaned out and washed, so I will be able to start loading the van tomorrow night... 

Here is another idea that popped into my head... Luckily my step dad, Tim, is super helpful and doesn't mind when I spring things on him last minute (or if he does, he never lets me know it)... We went and bought a sheet of pine... and Tim got to work... I think the sanding was the hardest part, lol... that part was my job.

Lucets... 100% Pine... and 100% Created with Love :)

And Sunday I attended a Bobbin Lace meeting... but I really did not have time to work on my lace... and everyone completely understood my predicament... so I worked on creating some rolags...

These ones are a mix of Superwash BFL, Nylon, Angelina, and Dyed Ostrich Feathers... How cool is that???

I have not named them yet... but my friend, Cori, said that they should be called "Lemonade"

Tonight has been extremely busy... so I should have a fairly decent update for you tomorrow sometime :)

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