Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Days!!!

We are getting so unbelievably close to the Fiber In... and I really should have been "working" this weekend... but I definitely do not regret taking the boys to the reptile show... they had a blast... and so did mommy, lol.

Of course there was no way that we could have left empty handed... I didn't find anyone selling t-shirts, so I didn't get a shirt... but we did leave with two male leopard geckos and a baby ball python... they are going to be our work "pets".

After talking to mom about the whole thing, we both decided that it would be good for the boys to have something to take care of at work... and something that they will look forward to watching each day... so they will be set up tomorrow when I go into work :)

All of the animals we purchased were born at The Gourmet Rodent... I worked for them for two years when I was in college and loved the company... so how could I not support them :)

One of the Leopard Geckos... he is the sweetest thing ever

He has a birth defect... but what a freaking awesome defect... I got him because of his super cute curly tail :)

Dylan... proud gecko owner, lol.

Ethan just wanted the snake... but hes happy about his gecko too :)

They even got brave and walked over to an African Bullfrog... Ethan was entranced by it, lol

There was a little creating done this weekend... and I have been getting stuff packaged and ready to go... Here are some of the buttons that will be available next weekend :)

Square Floral Buttons

Chrysanthemum Buttons

I am really hoping that once Aaron goes back to work tomorrow, I will become more productive, lol.

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