Saturday, September 6, 2014

13 Days... and a fun (how-to) project :)

I missed yesterday... so I figured I would make tonight a semi-long post... I have not done much the last two days... at least I don't feel like I have...

I have gotten a few more sets of stitch markers done and some tatted art yarn accents... oh, and some bamboo roving... but that is really it.

Here is one of the sets of stitch markers... this one is my new favorite... I'm not sure why, but I love it :)

Aren't they fun???

And a close up :)

Now, onto the fun project... A few weeks ago someone posted how to do tie dye with permanent markers... and I put out some feelers in the fiber guild to see how many people would be interested... and everyone seemed to want to try it.

So this morning at the board meeting, we discussed which meeting we should attempt to do it at... and November seemed like a good time... but we shall see how it all plays out.

Well, after the meeting, I took the boys and we met up with Laurie (friend) at this little thrift shop... the boys were starving (like always), so we were just running out of the store... and I spotted this canvas bag on the rack, but of course there was no tag... so I went up and asked if they could give me a price.

I happened to know the sales guy from my mom's neighborhood, so he sold it to me for $.25... are you kidding me, of course I will take it!!!

There were a few little stains, but it is a trial piece, so I'm not worried about it.

Here is what you will need:

Something that is canvas or has cotton (shirts, shoes, totes, etc), permanent markers, alcohol, and you are supposed to have a spray bottle.

I searched the house and found some other permanent markers... as you can see, they are not all name brand.

I put a plastic bag inside the canvas bag in hopes that it would not "bleed" through... so lets see what happens... start decorating.

Side 1

Side 2

I will be back tomorrow to finish up the trial... Hopefully you can wait to see the results :)

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