Thursday, September 4, 2014

15 Days... and Phat Fiber Samples Sent :)

15 days remain... it is pretty shocking how quickly the time is flying by... but its also a good thing :)

After getting the kids put in bed last night, I was flipping through channels to find something that was semi-interesting... and I hit the jackpot... "The Fast and The Furious" was on USA Networks... and I can honestly say that I have not seen that movie since high school (10 years ago)... and I still love it, lol.

It had the perfect amount of action to keep me busy... and still let me get something done... so I managed to get all 50 samples packaged for Phat Fiber... and then sent them off this morning... I am feeling pretty accomplished today :)

"Great Salt Lake" Cheviot Top

The theme was the Southwest... and for some reason, the Great Salt Lake in Utah kept coming in my head... when I started dyeing, I didn't have an idea at all... but once I saw the turquoise with the brownish/green color, I knew it was the Salt Lake...

The Turquoise is the water... and since all the pictures I have ever seen of the lake had sort of shrubs and dirt around it... the brown/green color is perfect.

The Full Size

I am really happy with the way the samples turned out... and hope to have the full size listed in a few days... plus maybe one or two for the Fiber In :)

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