Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Special Dye Job for a Special Lady...

A couple weeks before Christmas I received a message from a friend on Facebook, Margaret, looking for a custom dye job... Margaret's very good friend, Leoa has been eyeing my hand dyed superwash merino yarn for a little while now... Leoa comes out to a lot of the local events to support me, so I was more than happy to create something special for her...

Margaret said that Leoa liked greens, blues, and browns... so what better than to create a yarn with all three colors in it :)

I went ahead and dyed two skeins in the same pot... just in case one of them sucked... at least I might have one turn out great... Here are the results :)

Outcome #1

Outcome #2

I decided that #1 was more vibrant and just spoke to me more than the 2nd one... So I sent Margaret pictures and we decided that I should wind the skein into a "cake" so that she could just start crocheting when she received her gift.

Here is the cake... I love it even more this way :)

And the top of the cake... but because I love looking at them this way...

Since I know Leoa watches her grandson almost everyday... and she is always making something for him... so what better than a secret little surprise that she can use with him... I made her some glow in the dark "Echidna" buttons :)

Here are the "Echidna" Buttons... I call them Echidna buttons because they are rolled... and when Echidna's get scared, they curl up into a ball to protect themselves :)

Miss Leoa loved her yarn... and that made me super happy! Hope that she creates something wonderful and has a ton of enjoyment working with the yarn :)


  1. Ann I really appreciate the time that you took to make a special yarn just for me. Margaret Nava Thank you so much for giving me something you knew I have wanted. The yarn made a very special hat and scarf. If I can get anyone in this house to take a picture I will post it so that you can see it. Hmm now what to make to put the buttons on... I can't thank both of you enough for your thoughtfulness and your kindness.... Love you both..... Leoa

    1. You are so welcome... I am happy that you found something to make with it :) As for the buttons, I am sure you will come up with something... Cant wait to see the finished pieces :) Ann