Monday, December 30, 2013

Grandpa's Hat for Chirstmas

My boy's grandfather, Stan has made a few comments about wanting a hat... so I figured what a better time than Christmas to go ahead and make him his hat...

It was sort of a last minute (two weeks) gift... but we needed something to go with everything else... and I figured I would try to get it done.

He and my husband are major Miami Hurricanes fans... and I had the perfect yarn in my stash... it is a wool blend and the perfect mix of green and orange.

I found the perfect pattern on Ravelry and then had to modify it just a bit because my needles were too long... but the hat ended up fitting great :)

Finished Hat

Another Shot of it...

Close up

Another Close Up

I didn't get finished with Grandpa's hat until Christmas Eve... around 10pm... needless to say I was up wrapping it (as well as everything else), until about 2am.

Stan seemed very happy with his new hat... and even fell asleep with it on :)

Grandpa's over in the chair with his hat on :)

Overall, I think that Stan will be on the "knit-worthy" list for a while!

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