Monday, December 23, 2013

Tales from the Drying Rack - 12/23/2013

Yesterday was a very productive day for me... Aaron got stuck having to work, so I was home with the boys all day... Of course I was supposed to go up to Walmart and get the rest of Aaron's present... but washing fleece was obviously more important, lol.

About a week ago, I watched Beth from Blue Mountain Handcrafts Video on washing fleece... ... Since I do not have Simple Green at home, I used Ammonia instead... The smell was terrible... but the results were awesome :)

I decided to wash Cotswold Curls and some already washed, but tacky Icelandic Cross... I was beyond ecstatic... so here you go :)

Isn't is gorgeous :)

Cotswold Curls... These should be super fun to play with

Oatmeal Icelandic X... I could not even believe how nice it came out... 

I will get some updates once they are dry... especially on the Icelandic X, since it was tacky to start... and we need to know if the ammonia/dawn will work to get out the "tack"

I hope that you all have a very Happy Holiday Season!!!

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