Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ponce Inlet Arts and Crafts Show - Part 4 - Inspired by Nature

I have got to get back on track... there is so much beautiful artwork that still needs to be shared :)

Inspired by Nature by SuZen Steingress... what can I say other than... WOW... She is an amazing artist... and you can truly see her love in her work.

When I walked up to the booth, SuZen was not there, but her friend that she was sharing the space started talking to me (Gaye, but she is a different post)... I couldnt help but notice this amazing sheep mosaic from across the room... then next was this gorgeous leaf... breath-taking!

When SuZen walked up, she was so friendly and just a genuine, down to earth lady... I loved her immediately... Once we started talking, I found out that she used to be a spinner... and wanted to get back into it. The sheep piece that had drawn me to the booth was created around her memories of spinning and working with fiber :)

Rather than keep talking about her, let me show you her work... you be the judge...

Here she is... All handcut porcelain and millefiori... Amazing!

Close Up of her Face :)

I was pretty mad about how terrible this picture is... but you get the idea... the feathers... look at that detail, oh my goodness!

Flounder Pins and Earrings... They are so freaking cute :)

And of course her business card... She also has a Facebook page if you look up her name :)

What do you think? Her work is beyond impressive and lovely... If you see her at a show, I highly recommend taking the time to stop and see her work... I am still kicking myself for not buying something... Dont make the same mistake I did :)

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