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PCFG Demonstration Day - November 2nd, 2013

This is pretty late, but I have been debating on writing a post about it.

The Polk County Fiber Guild... is just that, a guild, for people who are interested in all things fiber! The guild started out as a weaver's guild, but some years back, changed their name and became the fiber guild (PCFG)...

I joined the PCFG in January or February of 2012... Aaron had to work one weekend and my mom called and said that I needed to take the kids and get out of the house... there was something going on in downtown Winter Haven... I didn't really want to go, but decided what the heck, we did need to get out of the house... You see when I had the boys in June 2011, I stayed home with them for a full year, so Monday to Friday, we just stayed in the house... which meant that I had isolated myself from everyone in the "outside" world... 

That day in downtown, they were having a craft fair, as well as a Hobby Share in the Library... I was just trying to keep the kids from crying and started wandering around the library... In December 2011, I decided that I would learn how to crochet and had started to crochet a little bit... Well, when I entered the library, there was a room off to the left full of quilts... and people set up weaving, spinning, knitting, and crocheting!!!

Wow, I got a flyer and sort of watched them for a little bit... everyone seemed pretty busy, so I didn't want to bother them by talking... just got the info, looked at the display and left... the rest is history :) I finally made it to a meeting in April 2012 and joined immediately...

Fast forward to 2013, and I am now the Vice President of the guild... so part of my "job" is programs and community outreach... Since there was not an event planned at the library, we made one... Cori G. from the Winter Haven Library helped me pick a date, she put up flyers and had the event put into the city's newsletter... she also had the staff get tables and chairs into the room for us :)

On November 2nd, 2013... we held a Demonstration Day... the same as the one I attended that made me want to take my "craft" to a new level! The event was amazing... it was geared for kids and teenagers... but also had demonstrations set up along the walls so that anyone who was interested could interact and have someone to talk to...

We did spool knitting and weaving for the kids/teens... there was bookmark making for the really young kids, so that no one was left out... even some of the parents left with spook knitters...

When you walked in the door, you first saw Peggy with her rug hooking

Sharlyn and her grandson were on the other side with the weaving display

Cori was "doing" bobbin lace while Laurie watched her

Maryanne was using weaving while Connie and her granddaughter talked to her

Peggy sharing her craft

Laurie, Sharlyn, Betsy, and Sharlyn's granddaughter ran the kids table - here they are hard at work

Watching Sharlyn's grandson while he weaves... he didn't want anyone taking his picture, but I caught him :)

Cori answering questions and sharing her craft

The event was a huge success... I feel like we helped a lot of kids and teenagers learn a new skill... and it was a way for them to stay busy and out of trouble. I can not even tell you the number of teenage boys who left with a new found love for spook knitting... I feel like we actually made a difference this day... even if we only changed one kids life, it was a success!!!

We hope to have another demonstration day this new year... just have to work out all the kinks and start planning :)

Thank you to all the great volunteers who came out to help spread the word about the joys of fiber arts... and to all the people who stopped by with the children and grand kids... as well as just people who came alone, you all made the event a huge success and we would love to see you again!

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