Thursday, January 9, 2014

2 Days til Distaff Day Orlando... well sort of only 1 now :)

Since Distaff Day Orlando is this Saturday the 11th... I have frantically creating yarns and roving... I completely forgot about all the batts and rolags... OMG!!!

So, last night when I got home from work... and the kids were asleep... I decided that I really needed to get to work... unfortunately, I didn't get as much as I hoped done... I stayed up til 4:30am... and can deal with what I managed to get done :)

Here is some of the stuff that will be at Distaff Day Orlando...

Sets of Rolags

Mini Batts... All about an ounce :)

This one is my favorite!!!

Gators Yarn... I am going to try and make a Seminoles one tonight

Blue and Green

Purple into Red/Burgundy

Saved the best for last... this is what I will be finishing up tonight...

Close Up... don't you just love the little Teeswater locks popping through :)

Hopefully there will be more creations for tomorrow... and some surprises for Saturday... See you there :)

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