Friday, January 17, 2014

"Peacock in Paradise"... Test Spin

In the previous post, I said that I was testing out spinning with peacock feathers inside the rolags... Well, here you go :)

I clipped the "hair-y" feathers off the sides of the feather... added them onto the blending board, and then covered with more fiber... while rolling them off, you can see some of the feather ends poking through... but the yarn is super cool...

 "Peacock In Paradise" Rolags - See the lovely feathers glistening :)

Another pic of the rolags

When I weighed out the set, it only weighed .9 ounces... and lets face it, I didnt want to try and sell it when I had no idea how the peacock feathers were going to act...

Here is the progress from last night:

After One Rolag

Two Rolags

and Three Rolags...

I believe there were eight rolags in the set... some are more aqua colored, others are more lime colored... so I have been alternating them... Cant wait to work on this some more... hopefully Monday, it will be finished with pics after each rolag is complete :)

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