Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh no... My lips are chapped!!!

With all of these cold fronts making their way across the north... Florida can not seem to make up its mind if it wants to be 80 degrees or 50 degrees... so of course, my lips are chapped... but not just mine, Dylan's little lips are super chapped...

Today at work, I started searching for my chap stick... and couldn't find anything... 

Then, I remember that in my "Lighthouse" bag, there was some Made by Mara chap stick at the bottom... and the search began... thankfully, I had not removed it from my bag :)

Back story on how I met Mara... September 2012, I attended the Fiber In Orlando and these two awesome chicks sat down by us... One was Mara, the other her business partner Brooke... They were super friendly and I just felt an instant connection with them both... This year at Fiber In, I got to spend time with them the whole day... Mara also made the trip from Spring Hill (or close to there) over to Four Purls for the Trunk Show... and what can I say... you don't have to see someone all the time to feel like they are one of your best friends :)

Anyways... Mara makes this super awesome chap stick... and to top it off... these freaking sweet little cases to keep your chap stick in... or whatever else you feel like putting in it :)

Here are my two chap sticks... Watermelon and Mango Peach (they both fit together perfectly)

I took them out so you could see them :)

The awesome little "pouch"

And this just blows my mind... these cute little tags that say "Made by Mara"... which she makes herself...

Not to mention that all her products are 100% Natural... How can you beat that??? And I can say... from experience... make sure you check your pockets... I was so upset when I accidentally washed and dried my last ones I got from her... but I do love the little pouch oh so much :)

If you want to see what she has... here is her page:

And this is her Facebook Page:

And don't think she only makes chap stick... she also makes lotion... and embroidered cards... and let me just say from trying... it is not at all as easy as you might think it is... I give her mad props for embroidering the cards... it is hard work...

If your lips are chapped... this is definitely a product you want on them... check her out :)

P.S. She is supposed to be at Distaff Days this Saturday the 11th... and I know she keeps some product with her at all times :)

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