Friday, August 1, 2014

Spinning a Dog - Part 2

About a month and a half ago, I did a post on spinning dog fur... It was from a Samoyed... Well I decided to start spinning it on the wheel, just because it is a little faster that way, lol.

Everything was going alright, until I started to notice my eyes itching... and small red dots on my stomach... I think I might have a slight irritation to it... which just sucks... but I'm not giving up :)

I managed to get two bobbins spun up (not full though) and plied to make some super soft, and bright white yarn...

2-ply 100% Samoyed Yarn

Wound onto a 1 yard knitty noddy

Another pic

And just a little closer, lol.

And the skein!!! - Unwashed

The skein is not huge by any means... but it is 50 yards of worsted weight... and 100% Samoyed fiber... I did not remove the "guard hairs", because to me, it gives the yarn a little more "dimension".

I washed the finished skein and set the twist... Once its dry, the plan is to create a couple little unique pieces for the owner... be sure to check back for progress :)

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