Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two days late... but its finished :)

Tour de Fleece ended Sunday, July 27th... and I did not get the lace weight yarn finished... but I did manage to get it done this morning :)

Total, the yarn took me around 12 hours to complete... I know it sounds like forever... I think so too... but the result is well worth it.

The full bobbins

I didn't actually measure out the braid... I just sort of guessed at the half way point and hoped for the best, lol.

Full Plied Bobbin

All skeined

The finished yarn... sort of

And the full skein

I haven't washed the skein yet... so the colors may change slightly... but overall, it should stay the same.

I managed to get 420 yards of lace to fingering 2-ply yarn... and its 100% Falkland... one of the first hand dyed rovings I ever did.

So, I missed the finish line... but I feel like a winner :)

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