Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TDF - Finished Yarn - 7/22/14

I have been attempting to spin... at least a little bit each day... some days are only around 5 minutes, but such is life :)

This past Saturday (the 19th), was the Fiber Guild meeting... and since it was going to be a super laid back day, I decided to go ahead and bring my little Merlin Tree "Hitchhiker" wheel with me.

I spun a couple rolags at the meeting... and finished spinning them on Sunday...rather than plying it together, I decided to ply with a piece of Cotton/Polyester Thread... it was actually a 30/1 weaving thread (extremely thin).

Here are the rolags... sorry about the picture, its from the phone...

The rolags were a mix of tons of different fibers... Merino, Alpaca, Mohair, Silk, Soysilk, Premium Pulled Silk, Corriedale, Shetland... and many more!!!

I decided to just let the rolags "do what they wanted"... so the yarn is not even spun... some places are thick and others are thin :)

Managed to get exactly 160 yards... so I would call it 158 yards (because no one wants to get gypped out of yardage)

I absolutely love the final result... All the colors... and the red ply thread really brings out all the color :)

Now, I'm working on spinning lace weight Falkland... it was one of the first braids I ever hand dyed... and its slightly felted (so there was no way I felt comfortable selling it to someone)... Fingers crossed that I will have pics soon :)

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