Thursday, July 17, 2014

TDF - Finished Yarn - 7/17/14

I managed to finish the "three batt" yarn last night... and it was dry enough to photograph this morning :)

So, I know the picture sucks, but its from my phone... Here is a picture of the two bobbins:

And some of the blue fiber apparently was not properly exhausted... because it bled out and turned some of the white, a blue... but I really love the finished result :)

Since the bobbins were not even, there is a big skein and a baby skein, lol

This one is my favorite :)

The large skein is 88 yards of worsted to super bulky... and the small skein is 12 yards... 

Fiber content: Merino, Alpaca, Corriedale, Mohair, Shetland, Premium Pulled Silk, Lincoln Locks, Silk, Soysilk, Tencel, Bamboo, and Peacock Feathers... there is a possibility that there are other fibers, but I was not actually writing anything down, lol.

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