Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tour de Fleece 2014... its a start anyways, lol

I have been behind with spinning for the tour this year... and it sucks... but thats life. 

Tour de Fleece is a spinning event that runs the same time as the Tour de France... the purpose is to challenge yourself to spin (at least a little) each day of the tour - July 5th to July 27th... with the same rest days (15th and 21st).

I started the tour with some alpaca... it was processed at my house and spun right from the cloud... There is also a sample of alpaca (pink/orange/green) that was from some roving... and a small sample of an alpaca/wool blend (black/grey).

From left to right... 8 yards (Alpaca), 15 yards (Alpaca Roving), and 82 yards (Alpaca)

From Left to Right... 20 yards (Alpaca/Wool) and 130 yards (Alpaca)

Now, I am spinning some batts that got "destroyed"... I made all the batts... then took them apart to show a friend... since I cant actually put them back together, I figured why not spin them...

All Three Batts

Now, keep in mind that these are not just standard batts... they are filled with Lincoln Locks, Pulled Silk, and even Peacock Feathers... so the yarn should be quite interesting :)

The bag of all the mixed up fiber...

Lets hope that the yarn will be complete soon so that you can see what it looks like :)

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