Tuesday, August 26, 2014

23 More Days!!!

Last night was not all that productive... I actually fell asleep winding Cashmere thread for dyeing... When I woke up, I realized what I was doing, finished it up, and got it into the dye pot... then promptly passed out, lol.

I am still working on more Bamboo roving... and then starting/finishing up the Cashmere thread... The thread is so unbelievable soft... and is great for Bobbin Lace, Tatting, plying with yarn... the list goes on and on.

I know the picture looks funny... but this is 100 yards of 100% Cashmere Thread

More Bamboo Roving hanging to dry :)

And the goods... some braided bamboo roving!!!

So far, I am absolutely loving the bamboo roving... but I am planning on having a Batt Party tonight... of course it will just be me, but whatever... the boys and I will have fun creating batts :)

Also, my first cotton boll had finally "popped" open... so I may have Organic Cotton by the time of the show :)


  1. The braided bamboo is my favorite! Need to fashion a pillow out of it, and it'll be the softest pillow EVER!~Cori

    1. True... I keep telling myself that I should get some of the braid pictures matted and framed to hang in my room :)