Monday, August 25, 2014

24 Days... Is that right???

I feel like I am losing my mind... can it be that we only have 24 days til the Fiber In??? I still can not believe it...

So, you remember that rack of Bamboo that I showed you... well most of them are alright... the other day, I walked outside to let the dogs out, figuring the boys were busy watching cartoons... boy was I wrong, lol.

When I came back inside (it was only about 10 minutes), I noticed that one of the bamboo rovings was balled up on the chair... apparently one of the boys decided that they should take it apart... and when they saw mommy coming back inside, they threw down the "evidence" and hauled butt :)

It really is not in terrible shape...

Just messed up enough that I will not sell it.

So, since I will not sell the roving in the shape it is in... I have decided that it will either be carded, blended, made into hand pulled roving, or spun into some beautiful yarn...

What is currently drying on the rack... Don't you just love the shine???

And let me tell you... I have never had an issue with letting go of the fiber that has been dyed... sometimes I want to keep everything, but I get over it... but once the bamboo is braided, I just want to keep it all... It is so shiny, and soft... and just... gorgeous!!!


Lets see what I can get into tonight... tomorrow should be interesting :)

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