Wednesday, August 20, 2014

30 Days and Counting - Fiber In 2014

So it is officially 30 days until the Florida Fiber In... and let me tell you, this time is going to fly by... I have been busy trying to beef up my inventory... but also trying to accommodate all the comments and suggestions that were given to me last year.

I heard that the Fiber In is a wonderful event, but that crocheters don't feel like they are "loved" as much as knitters... that is going to change this year... let me tell you, I have got something up my sleeve :)

Are you a tatter? Not sure what the Fiber In would have for you... come on over and see... the wheels have been turning... and there will be something for you.

Do you like exotic fiber? Just you wait... I'm telling you, it has been non stop ideas flowing through my head the last couple of months.

For some reason I have never been able to just focus on a few things... if an idea comes to me, I have to stop what I'm doing and roll with it... its not necessarily a good thing... but it is what it is... and hopefully there will be something for everyone at my booth :)

I recently decided that I needed to learn how to dye bamboo... so that is what I have been doing this week, lol.

I am hoping to have a ton of different colors to choose from... so if you have any special requests, just let me know and I will work up something to share with you :)

The bamboo roving drying...

Since I can not find my camera card (I'm pretty sure it is in my computer at home), I had to use my phone... so hopefully the pics are not too terrible.

With bamboo and other plant fibers, you have to use a fiber reactive dye and a "setter" to get the dyes to "stick" to the fiber... this process takes quite a bit longer than dyeing wool... so the bamboo sits for around 24 hours before I wash the roving and hang it to dry. Therefore I can only get so many done in the next 30 days.

The countdown has begun... Will you be at the Florida Fiber In???

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