Thursday, August 28, 2014

21 Days Remain!!!

We are officially down to three weeks until the Florida Fiber In... Where has the time gone :)

I really did not get much done last night... and I am actually alright with that... I got to spent time with the boys... give them their bubble baths and tuck them into bed... then mommy pretty much just sat around, lol.

I did work on an idea that keeps coming into my brain... and I have been debating on sharing it, or waiting until the Fiber In to reveal... but I figured what the heck... why not share???

New Tatted Stitch Markers... they will never snag on your work... and the neon bear beads are just unbelievably adorable... 

A close up... the camera was not really cooperating, so this was the best I could get

But, there are more than just little bears (I keep wanting to call them gummy bears, lol)... 

There are skulls too...

Actually, there a couple others as well... I'm just not that fast and have not completed them yet, lol... But so far, I am loving all the colors!!!

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