Wednesday, August 27, 2014

22 Long Days Remain :)

I had pretty high hopes for last night... I wanted to have the batt party and work the night away... who was I kidding, lol.

I managed to finally get the boys to sleep around 9pm... which is not the best, but definitely not the worst either... I got everything set up so that I could get into "production" mode... I was doing good, was making batts, filling out cards, setting them off to the side for tying later... and then it happened...

I woke up... apparently I had failed asleep watching "Rizzoli & Isles"... fiber everywhere... and I was out cold :)

I woke up at 3am, managed to get the lights turned off, and crawl my way into bed... when the boys woke up around 7am, I could hear them yelling in the monitor that they had to go "pee-pee"... I did not want to get out of bed... but duty calls, lol.

I toke my shower, got the kids dressed, and went into the living room to tackle the mess I had made last night... it was surprisingly not that bad. I did have a small stack of batts that needed to be rolled up... and some stray fiber laying around... but overall, it was a successful night.

I got 7 batts carded... finished up the packaging this morning before work... but I can say that I did accomplish something last night... and I am proud of it!!!

The "pile" that I woke up to

Stack of Batts

One of the favorites

And the absolute favorite :)

One thing I do like to say about my batts, is that I make them crazy... and fun... you never know what the batt is going to look like on the inside... I like to call them "Surprise" or "Surprise Inside" batts for that reason... I think the main reason is that I get bored really easy... and this keeps me on my toes, lol...


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