Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tomorrow, Tomorrow... I'm Not Ready For Tomorrow!

With all of the freaking out and stressing out about the Fiber In... I got a cold sore yesterday... which is super embarrassing... I know that over 1/2 the population in the US gets them... but I still hate when I have "something" on my face :-( The Abreva does seem to be helping... so hopefully I will look a little more normal tomorrow...

Dylan has what looks like a bite (from some sort of bug) on his arm, and I feel really guilty leaving him for the weekend... I am still driving home at night... but for this over protective mommy... all day is a long time. When I think about it too long, I start crying... so I have been trying to block out everything that has been going on this week... It just seems like the universe keeps stacking things against me... but I will prevail... just you wait and see :)

So, enough of my babbling... 

The Drying Rack last night

Alpaca Lace - Deep Red - 880 Yards

Alpaca Lace - Gray - 880 Yards (this one is my favorite)

Alpaca Lace - Yellow - 880 Yards - There is just something about yellow that makes me smile :)

Bag of Multi Colored Sari Silk

As promised, I will have bags of cotton... this is ginned cotton 

What was on the stove this morning... Can't wait to see the results :)

Thank you for following me along on this crazy, fun journey into preparing for the Fiber In 2013... I can not guarantee that I will be able to write a post tomorrow with everything going on... but if not, there will definitely be a post-fiber in post for you to see all the pretties and fun that will be going on this weekend :)

Hope to see you at the Fiber In!!!


  1. You'll do great! You've done a great job prepping for this! Everything will be fine! Dylan will be fine! And for God's sake, BREATHE!!!


    1. Thank you Cori... For all the support and encouragement along the way... I know that its going to be great... I have just been ridiculously emotional these last few days (and no, I am not pregnant)... I don't think I will get to see you til after the wedding, so I want to see pictures :)
      Huge Hugs,