Tuesday, September 17, 2013

4 days to the Main Day (Technically only 3 left!)

I'm sure most everyone has noticed that my days are off... by one :-)

I wasn't sure how many people were going to be at the Fiber In on Friday (20th)... so I have been doing the count down based on Saturday... but technically speaking... we have only 3 more days!!!

I have been pulling some long nights to make sure I have enough product... with enough variety to appeal to many different groups of people. But last night, I stayed up to watch Bones (which I had recorded on the DVR) and make rolags :)

I am not going to show you all the rolags... some things need to be a surprise :-) But, I do have a pic of one of the rolags that I am spinning a sample of... that way people can see what they can make with the set.

Here you go :-)

Spinning a "Unicorn Kisses" Rolag... It is turning out great :)

Alpaca Lace (880 Yards) in the Dye Pot

The Gray one is actually a lot darker and then fades into a gray/white... The other is "Plum Delight"

"Sun Burst:... Enough Said :)

These are the ones from yesterday... all ready to be labelled :)

Hope that I did not disappoint today... Lets see what tonight holds :)


  1. Oh just keep spinning that Unicorn Kisses for me! :) I don't spin.

    1. I should have the sample spun for you to see :)